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Thursday, October 06, 2005


Claucen Street North Fitzroy

OK, the farm has been abandoned and once more we are back in Melbourne, my Dad has opened up one of Melbourne’s first used car yards.

For a short while I worked for Dad as a cleaner upper and general nuisance helper until in a vision splendid misguided moment I saw myself as a “Motor Mechanic” and left.

I managed to stick out the requisite time as a mechanic but left the trade forever after about 10 years.

It was while living in Claucen Street that I gained three of my life-long friends, I still treasure them today, but sadly now there are only two of them left, Alan died in 2004, he is still in our hearts. Merle was married from here, and immediately after her wedding Mum and Dad parted company.

What with my new group of friends, that included my wife to be, I was much to busy with my own life to let this impact on me very much.

So my adolescence rolled along and I very gradually grew up!

Mansfield Street Thornbury

The next move was to a house in nearby Thornbury, this was to be Mums second last move, before she was to settle down in her final home in the small town of Nathalia.

It was from Thornbury that I got married and started my own nomadic life.

1 comment:

Merle said...

Nice photo of Clauscen Street.
We had a family reunion there, while Aya was alive.
Did I ever tell you that Don Andrews came around on my wedding day all dressed up to give me away
in case Dad did not turn up. He was coming & going at that stage.