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Sunday, October 02, 2005


53 Atherton Road Northcote
Samaria Road Benalla

53 Atherton Road Northcote

This one came closer to a “normal” home for us than any of it’s predecessors.

The time span extended to about five years, we changed schools and further developed the art of making friends, and enemies. I had my first fight here, (which I lost) I had my first date here (which so terrified me that I thought I’d die.)

There was a large “Park” almost opposite the house where my new friends and I spent many happy hours, meanwhile Merle was establishing her own set of friendships that were to last for many years.

We were thankful that Mum appeared to have won the battle of constant moves, but we were blissfully unaware that there was more of the same to come.

The same condition of unawareness also applied to friendships, it was to be about three more years before my first “Lifelong Friends” appeared on the scene.

I credit the years spent at this house as the time I developed my own personality, (such as it is!) it was my true beginning place I’ve always felt.

Samaria Road Benalla

With two parents who had been born and bred in the country it seemed almost inevitable that we would someday live back in the “bush”

So it came to pass that, after our happy years in Northcote, we moved to a farm ten miles out of Benalla in north east Victoria.

This was a much more substantial place than “Dixie” it had the potential to be a successful farm of some 400 acres.

We were encouraged to maintain our friendships from Northcote which led to many enjoyable visits.

Benalla was the also the centre of my Mums family so we had a strong network of Uncles, Aunts and Cousins from Mums side of the family around us.

Whether this had any bearing on Dads growing dissatisfaction or not I don’t know, however it wasn’t long before he made the move back to Melbourne.

One of the worst features of this was that my Mum had never learnt to drive, Merle and I were both to young to drive, so we were stuck ten miles out of town with very little chance of surviving financially.

So once more we were on the move, back to Melbourne, and some more of my parents stormy relationship.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

You ever grow a tap root?

Maria said...

I was one of those lucky kids whose family made very few moves and when we did move it was in the same neighborhood. I went to only one elementary school and one high school. On the other hand, my children found themselves in Germany, California, Michigan, Minnesota, or wherever the winds of fate blew us.

Marcus said...

Pop I've been meaning to tell you for ages to check out Hooptyrides, a blog I discovered. There's a link from mine. I reckon you'll love it.
I stuck my pin in your guest map too. I've signed up for one but won't activate it till I get home.
I also discovered a way to add a bit of extra text in my sidebar. Some people have huge amounts of extras on their blogs, I wonder how they make it all work, especially unique graphics etc in their headers.

Peter said...

Hi all,
I was just starting to develop a tap root when my second divorce broke the b**ger off Hoss.
Maria, I really didn't mind all the moves at the time but a bit later in my life I became aware that I had no real "childhood" friends.
Marcus, when does your roving commission come to an end?

Marcus said...

I get back to Perth Friday night @ 8.30 and Busso about 3 hours later.
Did you check out Hooptyrides?
Pardon my ignorance but what's a tap root?

bubba said...

I moved all around the u.s. I never had childhood freinds either. Since viet nam happened in my time after high school. Most of my friends died. I have 1 friend left and we never see each other. Now that I have retired I make and keep freinds. Still I move around tho. I have a picture of my present home on my web site.