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Monday, October 17, 2005


Holtieshouse #20
Lyle & Margaret's abode

Deans Road The Palms / Gympie

The Palms is a pleasant spot 5 miles from Gympie, It had a 2 bed roomed house and lots of sheds, the largest of which housed my caravan and annex moved in from Tin Can Bay.

We converted another of the sheds into an en-suite and guest accommodation unit.

The property had an almost park like look to it, 5 acres with lots of trees and a large dam, my aim in life was to keep this “Park” mown and pretty.

There was also an extensive garden areas which were Margaret’s delight.

We shared an evening meal, the cooking of same, and washing up, but for the rest of the time lived quite independent of one another.

Everything in the garden looked rosy, but once more we found fate had not quite finished with us, Lyle’s health suffered a major decline, and within 12 months he was permanently confined to a wheelchair.

Now while the surrounds had been idyllic for mobile people, they were much less than perfect for someone in a wheelchair or the electric powered scooter that was also tried.

The upshot of this was that after 5 happy years, once Lyle’s health deteriorated so badly, we reluctantly sold up our dream.


Merle said...

Hi Peter, I remember spending New Year's Eve with you, Warren, Margaret & Lyle n the year of 2000 when we waited for the Millenium Bug etc. Carlton beat Collingwood by about 20 goals. John & Heather brought me up to see Dad, Ada ^ you. That was a very good year!!!

Peter said...

Hi Merle, Yeah 2000 was an OK year,wow that must have been before Carlton forgot how to win. Warren has moved from Coorparoo, (the house got sold) fairly close still at Tarragindi.

bubba said...

In 2000 is when I met and married my wife. A very great year indeed.

FTS said...

2000 was a good year here, too. At least what I can remember of it.

Thanks for visiting. :)

Marcus said...

G'day Pop
Not sure if you back track comments on my blog so thought I'd tell you I replied to your update and it turned into a mini essay! Won't repeat it here but I'm seeking some technical advice etc.
It would be great if you could get hold of pics for the few missing holtieshouses. I've often thought of collecting photos of all the places I've lived too. Get back to me here or at my place!
Cheers Marcus

Marcus said...

PS 2000 was a fantastic year, that's the year I took Zac and Sophie to the Sydney Olympics, and up to visit you in Queensland.

Big Dave T said...

Can't be that mobile in my neck of the woods. Homes don't sell that quickly.

I went to one chili cook-off and happened to taste the winner, Dad's Saturday Night Chili. Wasn't spicy at all.

Maria said...

Looks like 2000 was a very interesting year here, too. I met my husband that year and married him in 2001. The houses look wonderful and quite challenging. I think I am going to have to go through some photo books to see if I can find some of my homes.