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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


74 Duke Street Gympie

Once the decision had been made to sell “The Palms” I began to search for my next place of abode.

A friend who had been renting this house for 5 years told me it was up for sale and suggested it might be what I was looking for.

This proved to be true as I have always loved old Queenslander houses and could see the potential with this one, (those renovators eyes.)

The transformation from “then to now” has been very satisfying, if a bit more costly than anticipated.

Opening up the front verandah and a new coat of paint has improved the appearance beyond my expectations, some little surprises like the dozen stumps that needed replacing, and the new front steps, these had seemed to be serviceable but proved not to be, all added some spice and cost!!

The internal changes have included a totally new kitchen, it is now super efficient and “almost” a pleasure to work in.

A new bathroom, new carpet through-out air conditioning, new electric wiring, new plumbing as well as lots of personal touches so that now it feels like “home”

I initially got all enthused with gardening, maybe because Margaret had enjoyed it so much, but I quickly found it was not for me, the problem is I now have all these plants, that I really don’t care much for, dependant on me for survival, and weeds that I care even less for, trying to take over the lot.

I should have listened to my Dad!

Well that's the finish of the walk down memory lane to visit all the places I've called home over the years, this is the current, and who knows maybe the last holtieshouse.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

I seem to have lost track. How many is it altogether? (This last appears to be quite nice.)

Angie said...

I have a friend in Victoria. Some day I am going to visit Oz. The photo looks like a very comfy home.

kenju said...

How many is it altogether, Peter? Hoss and I both want to know.

I have lived in 11 different houses and a few apts. and I thought that was a lot!

Peter said...

Hi all, The grand tally is 19 houses and 2 caravans (mobile ones) but as they were "home" for 6/7 months each I count them, so my count is 21.
Angie, and all other readers, no trip to Oz is complete without a visit to Queensland, and no visit to Queensland is complete without a visit to holtieshouse, a warm welcome guaranteed.

Ms. Vickie said...

Once upon a time I was going to visit Oz actually it was to be for my 25th wedding anniversary. That did not happen the trip I mean so maybe I'll take a trip alone one day. I have two very good friends done there. We actually stood up for them in Las Vegas so that was why we had planned to visit for our 25th. It has always been a place I have wanted to visit so maybe one day I will make it...who knows.

Carolyn said...

Hi Peter, Just came over to visit and say thanks for your visit to my blog :)

That's a very nice house! I kind of trackbacked a little to see the others. I must say you've lived in some very nice homes. I have only moved 3 times and now we are looking to buy a home in a town 2-hours away from where we own now. It's fun and scary for me at the same time since I've always lived where I know people.

I love the architectural style of these, like Claucen and Aberdeen Streets. And you're right, opening up the porch on your Duke Street house gives it a warm, welcoming appeal. I'll be back to read more :)

bubba said...

You have seen alot Peter. All those houses. Makes me think you are a carpenter.

Peter said...

Hi Vickie, you should make a visit to Oz a priority, it's a great place with lots to see and do but also lots of space to just be in, we're friendly folk and the exchange rate make it a reasonably inexpensive place for most visitors.
Hi Carolyn, enjoy the adventure of moving, there are nice people out there no matter where you settle.
It always amazes me when I hear the different terms used in different places, your "porch" is our "verandah" or sometimes "patio" (pronounced pat-e-o)
we also have "decks" for entertaining.
Hi Bubba, sorry to say no carpenter, not even "friends" with wood, (get along fairly well with metal though) could have saved enough for a couple more houses if I'd been doing all my own renovations. Always put in lots of hours but paid the experts for the real work.

Merle said...

Hi Peter - WOW you sure got some
comments on your current house. I would be surprised if you move again as you have it all looking
good, nice & comfortable & plenty of room. I wish it was not so far away from me.