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Saturday, November 26, 2005

A comment on your comments

I am not too sure just how to attack this post, I’ve been riding on an emotional roller coaster for so long my legs feel a bit wobbly when they hit terra firma.

Sometimes when a post of mine has run it’s natural course I will come back to it and make a final comment, this is probably more for my own sake than anyone else’s, I don’t expect that you will keep coming back to my comment site for the epilogue.

So after the wonderful response to my posting November 24th 1994

I felt I would like to respond to the kind words from my friends and family;

Hi Ivy, which I have shortened to Hivy, thank you for thinking of me as a “cool” person, your kind words and your brilliant sense of humor.

Hi Jules, you have a burden to bear that you don’t even know about, Jules, was my name for the lady to whom this post refers.
Take no notice of that fact, just elect me to that LSB as the “Sweet and Sappy Man” and all will be forgiven.
I made some brief efforts to not get involved with, “another Ivy” when I first found your blog, but your style and humor made short work of that effort, thank you FRIEND.

Hi Dave, like so many others you’ve hit the nail right on the head with the comment about the support the blogging community gives to one another.

Hi Bugs butt, you’re right about the depth of feelings that are aired while blogging, maybe it’s because we feel we can “open up” and yet retain some anonymity?
Regarding friends you don’t need to have many’ just as long as they are true friends.

Hi Lois, I am in awe of being in the company of Superman’s girl, and I am totally over-awed by being in your company, a true Super Blogger.

Hi Cliff, sorry my friend but I can’t help but chuckle each time I type that, when it comes to good old fashioned common sense you nail it every time.
In just a few words you have explained blogdom beautifully.

Hi Prerona, as you have said there is a sameness to us all and at the same time a difference to us all.

Hi Judy, you are the epitome of blogging friendship, thank you, and as usual so right with the comment that I’m not introverted at holtieshouse, perhaps it’s that sense of anonymity again?

Hi Meg, I would not normally associate the word courageous with me, but it’s ever so sweet of you to think that way, thank you.

Hi Marcus, thanks for the support during some of the down times, and the joy you express for the good times, I have probably been down the introvert trail enough for now so we won’t go there.
Much love.

Hi Merle, as my sister you were a player in the game back in 1994 you are well qualified to have an opinion, and I truly appreciate the love and support you have always given, thank you.

Hi Jamie, I truly do count my blessings as you suggest, it’s like the age old question, is the glass half full or half empty.
Thank you for the support.

Hi Hoss, I was very moved by the visit you made in what probably was your worst week ever, and can only concur that with b**g friends we seem to have tapped into the mother lode.
No need for further searching Hoss, there’s your pile right there.
Thanks for being a b**g bud.

Hi Stacey, this entry gave my spirits the greatest lift they have had for quite a while, I had lost touch with my darling grand-daughter for reasons that need not be detailed here.
Now here we are re-united thanks in no small part to blogging, there is no wonder why I love blogging, and my sweet GD.

Hi Zac, the world is really shrinking, here I am in Australia, getting a greeting from my grand-son in England, thank you Zac for your visit and sharing the love.

Hi Bob, I’m so pleased you are feeling a bit better, along with all our mutual and individual b**g buddies I feel privileged to have such a great group of friends who are so supportive of one another.

This part has nothing to do with the 24th November 1994 post, It relates to the “Cynical Cyn” post, once more I am in awe of the kindness that abounds in the blogging community, many of you went to visit her site, I’m pretty confident that some of you will return there often and enjoy the visit.

If you didn’t get there yet because of the holidays, pop in when you get a chance.


Prerona said...

Peter, it has been great reading your blog and talking to you through the comments. Take care of yourself. Cheers!

Ivy the Goober said...

Hi, Peter. You know what one of the things I really like about you? Is your comments. You never fail to leave one for me, even if I don't make it around here every single day. And they're funny, and thoughtful, and just a joy to read. And today, for the first time in Ivy's blog history you bragged on being first to comment on my post. No one has EVER done that :)

kenju said...

See - what did I tell you? Not introverted at all. It's nice of you to give us a final thought this way.

bubba said...

Your comments to all your readers comments I believe is important as is the post. Just my 2 cents.

Merle said...

Thanks for your comments.
Are we allowed to comment on your
comments on our comments? This
could go on for some time.
Hope all is well with you, Merle

Cool Fire said...

Like your site. Very Interesting Poetry, light and rhyming. Not like some of the so-called modern poetry which might as well be called prose.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Cliff Morrow said...

Thanks, you're too kind. Also thanks for the great comment on my poem. I do appreciate it.

Maria said...

Isn't it just my luck to have missed reading such a great and heart warming post? You are right about blogger friends and I have always appreciated your visits to my site. So glad I had an opportunity to scroll back and catch this one. Now I am going to take time to visit all the folks who left such wonderful comments.

jules said...

We wuvs us some Peter over here in the USofA. And if you ever decide to visit Tx you know where you can stay!