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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Try these links, (no scares this time)

This innovative public toilet block in a small SA town is made from a concrete water storage tank with a couple of doors and some ventilation windows added it will be more apparant why I have posted it after you visit Trucker Bobs.
I would also like to link my sons post at holtpress for an update on the Melbourne Cup I would suggest they are both worth a look


bubba said...

Is that frnch fro something? LOL.

jules said...

Well, being as how it's concrete, it should be a little harder to move it back a few feet, huh???

Peter said...

Hi Bubba, It works more on a trench than french!!
Hi jules, glad you figured it out gal or you would have had to move into the student body of your class.

kenju said...

Peter, I loved the Johnny Carson clip at Marcus' blog. Thanks for the link.

Trucker Bob said...

Hey Peter, how she goes? Appreciate the link, even though it was for a "crappy" post. ;-)

Also thanks for being a frequent visitor/commenter.

Lucy Stern said...

Creative idea there. How often does it get used?

Peter said...

Hi Judy & Bob, thanks for the call.

Hi Lucy, yeah it gets the normal ammount of useage, being located on the main East/West highway in an area where the towns are a bit "spread out" doesn't hurt either.