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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Voice Recognition.

Several years ago, when I bought my first computer, I found my one finger typing was very slow and frustrating, in an effort to help the non-typist in me I purchased a voice recognition program, “Via Voice” the setup details are a bit hazy now, but I do recall they were extensive, having dutifully followed all the instructions, I was finally ready for a test run.

I searched around for some light reading matter and settled on a TV guide which had a write up about an Australian actor John Wood, among other things, Ideal says I and settled down to read, in a clear precise voice as I had been instructed to do;

John Wood’s career could be set to hit a high note.

Wood better known as Senior Sergeant Tom Croydon in the hit series Blue Heelers, is taking singing lessons.

The bloke who refers to himself as a “bathroom baritone” is moving on from the sort of material he sings with Lilydale-based band Swamp Fox to opera.

In fact he has just put on a concert called John Wood and Friends for Opera Australia.

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on the tube on a Saturday night, back comes the baddy-basher who can’t afford razor blades, Walker-Texas ranger.

It makes you wonder just how many ways you can find to hit, kick and thump people before viewer interest ends up in a crumpled heap.

Now join me in breathless anticipation as I set the printer in motion and receive the following;

Over a John Ward mysteries career from the ship to hit the high in the open.

Wooden the America’s third senior surgeon from Croydon in the lips series to new heroes, is taking singing lessons the bloke who first heard the shelf as a bathroom buried them is moving on from the floor of the two of the scenes with the leader of a waste bin swamp Fox the opera infect he has just pulled up for the concert called John Ward of whom frames the full opera has grown.

Just when you thought it was safe to turn up Hong the few big of a further blow nod, they come as a bed these pressure who can afford rows of won’t Commerce Walker picture range.

Make few wondered if there are many ways you can find that he, kick and found the ball before newer interest in stopping the couple. The other man who.

I swear on my collection of 100 Gideon Bibles that this is true, I had a friend proof read both the article and my copy of the original print out and there is not one single alteration to either.

How does it work now? you ask, let us just say should anyone want to buy a BARGAIN priced BARELY used copy of Via Voice, I just happen to know of one.

It did explain a few things to me, so it wasn’t a total waste of money, I now know for example where George Dubya gets his “off the cuff” speeches from, the words of some of the modern songs are now clearer to me, and my Korean neighbour is making a lot more sense, still having trouble with the Kiwis though.


Cliff Morrow said...

That is good. How about a keyboarding program.
I'm glad my computer doesn't write what I say to it. Really glad.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

So there is where I learned to write like that. I have often wondered....

No, that's even better than I can do. What a riot. Thanks, pal.

Peter said...

Hey, praise from a couple of masters, wow.

Peter 1 Hoss 0
That may never happen again.

Ivy the Goober said...

That is fun, maybe you should pass it around and we'll see how it translates all our different accents :)

Jeanette said...

Hi Peter
I know someone else who bought 1 give you 3 guesses but i think you might only need 1 guess .I just checked the office its still there in its box the family all tryed it ,its bloody useless mate