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Monday, December 05, 2005

Best of Christmas Wishes

Sorry folks, you’re gonna have to put up with some weak

rhyming so that I can send you my Christmas wishes,

don’t worry (haha) I’m not gonna disappear or nuthin’

but you know how slow overseas mail can be so I’m just

gettin’ in early for the ones unlucky enough to live


Best of Christmas wishes

To all my newfound blogging friends

I wish you Christmas cheer

May your stories all have happy ends

May the truth you give a little bend

As you raise an ice cold beer.

While I know that Margaritas are

More favored by some of you

You need to visit holtieshouse

Where nothin’ beats an icy beer,

Unless…. it’s quite a few!

These are the folk on my blogroll

And as well there’s quite a few

I try to read them daily, to miss ‘em is a sin

There are many other writers too

If I blogrolled them all, I’d never fit them in.

So now I’m gonna name you

The folk I love to read, when they have their say,

Plum Krazzee, Monty, Carolyn ‘n Cliff

Your sites I visit almost every day

We’re on a roll when Muzik plays another Riff.

I never miss FTS, Ivy, Jamie, Meg ‘n Jules

Even though the last named, has broken all the rules

(She has a “naughty” site where she’s trying to shock us)

There’s Davo, Judy, Laurie, Lois, ‘n Latigo

Bubba, Zac and my blogging son, Marcus.

Prerona, Theresa, Bob, Cyn ‘n then of course Maria

There’s Bugs Butt, Whizzer, Unga Chunga

The list goes on for ever, I’m really at a loss

But fit you in I must, Vickie, Dave ‘n Lucy

And there is our very own, the one we know as Hoss.

"Merry Christmas" to you all.
From Peter


Ivy the Goober said...

Awww, Merry Christmas to you, too :)

bubba said...

Merry Christmas My friend.

kenju said...

What a nice, colorful post, Peter! Thanks for including me on your list, and if I had one, you'd surely be on it.

Big Dave T said...

Wow, that is me there. Thanks, and a merry Christmas to you. I'm humbled that you should want to add my poetry to your collection there. You're welcome to it. You're not such a bad poet there either. I'd say better than me, actually.

Prerona said...

Peter!!! Thank you :) :) :)

a big MERRY CHRISTMAS to you as well and to all of you who might be reading this!

Cliff Morrow said...

Nicely done. I don't think however, that you or I will be replacing Banjo in the hearts of your countrymen.
Merry Christmas to you and your children and their children and to all of your wives. (as my brother puts it)

No_Newz said...

Merry Christmas to you too! Thanks for including me. I think Hoss is everyone's common denominator. It's like that Bacon actor fellow, the six degrees of Hoss. :)
Lois Lane

Marcus said...

Happy Holidays Pop!! Merry Christmas too! I'm impressed that you linked everyone of those bloggers in your Christmas poem.
Re. the camp, yeah it went really well and was worth all the work and time. Ironically my biggest project of the year comes in the final week of school! The added scope of blogs and bloggers made it extra fun for me this year. I enjoyed the pre-camp explorations and dialogues with some of the kids. You featured in the internet quiz by the way! I'll put a post and link to it on soon if you want to have a look.
Thanks for your help with the mural hint. Not sure if any groups got out to Ballajura, it's not easy to get to and time was ever an issue.

Davo said...

Thanks for the mention, Peter. Wishing peace, happiness and goodwill to you and all your family (and extended family) :-D

Peter said...

Hi all, yeah it did turn out purdy didn't it, the colours , and even the links were an afterthought, it started life as a "Merry Christmas" and just grew, like topsy!
Sorry some of the names are a bit hard to read, they were fine on white background when in preview mode.
By the way if you are not familiar with some of the people I have named, (they are all on my sidebar) pop around and do some visiting I'm sure they would all like to say hello and extend the seasons greetings.

Peter said...

I meant to say especially to Lois, yes Hoss is like six degrees of bacon to us all, Eeerrr..... I think that was it!

Jamie Dawn said...

You worked verbal magic!
I hope this month will be filled with holiday cheer for you and your loved ones.
Merry Christmas!! It will be over before you know it.
Enjoy all you can!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Same to you, Peter. What great verse! You can feel the love.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Wow, Peter! That is a great deal of typing work as well as fine rhyming (so treat yourself to some fine Ozzie wining).

kenju said...

Okay, okay, I will admit to being a pack rat. But give me a break, Peter, the soap wrapper was glued into a scrapbook I've had for 50+ years, so I wasn't going to throw that away! My mom was such a world-class pack rat that I don't even come close to her habits. She kept EVERYTHING! When she died, there were boxes in her attic of the clothes I wore in school, and I was over 50 at the time. How nuts is that??!!

FTS said...

And a very Merry Christmas to you. :)

jules said...

I wuv you too Petey.
Now get outta my broom closet ya kook!

Da Gal said...

{{{{{{{{{ Peter }}}}}}}}}} Merry Christmas and what a glorious poem you created. One of these days I will figure out how to do the linking within a posting. I'm just not that brilliant yet.

Okay... 7 minutes left to read... off I go!

Peter said...

My cup runneth over,
It's all full up with love,
From all the great comments,
That are listed above.

Plumkrazzee said...

Thanks, Peter. I come around here frequently also. And just so you know, I have a tendency to be a "nice blubberer" too...nothin' wrong with showin' some love!

Carolyn said...

Wow, how cool is this?! And you included moi! Thanks Peter :D And Merry Christmas to you too!