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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas In Australia Pt 2

Here is a link, no not a scary one, which will let you hear Christmas in Australia, the subject to a popular post I did recently, it’s a bit slow to load, but worth the wait, I borrowed this from ozguru who got it from……. and so on.



bubba said...

My computer is deaf. But I'll have wife play it for me.

Karen said...

That was so funny! It didn't occur to me that it is summer there. Yikes! You won't need a fire to roast your chestnuts, I take it? ROFL

Have a great day!

Cliff Morrow said...

Well Peter, when someone says this will be slow to load...that means it will take me about half a day. If they ever get the high speed net to me like they promised, I'll be able to look at stuff like the rest of the free world.

Loner said...

Hello! I clicked over from Poopies place, I think, anyway - I ahve another buddy who is in Melbourne - and I am going to post your link - SO SO Cute!