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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas In Blogville 3

Coming up is a marathon shopping spree to finish off my blogroll, (in the nicest possible way of course) people’s Christmas gift shopping.

This is the virtual gift giving idea of Lois Lane’s, it has been good fun and I hope the recipients have been happy with their gifts.

** For Merle, my Sister, while Merle isn’t a blogger and therefore technically isn’t on my blogroll she is my most loyal reader… and this is the Christmas season, my gift to Merle is a fully functional Blog site, all set up and ready for her brilliance, I’m going to call it The Herons Nest, (as her married name is Heron) but she may want to change that.

** For Bubba, who has been with me pretty much all my blog life and is currently on a learning curve in website building and has an interest in digital photography, your gift is an accredited course in digital photography, enjoy.

** For Cyn, we are going to perfect that fan base for you this time.

** For Dave, I found this dinky little beeper to attach to your keys, just press a button and your keys will yell “We’re Over Here” as a second string I have included a memory course, it won’t help with “oldtimers” Dave but if it’s fixable.. Weeeell.

** For Carolyn, This is not a very “romantic” type of gift but I think she will appreciate it, a matching Washer and Dryer, stay out of the Laundromats!!

** For Lucy (TLP), The way to this lady’s heart is with Chocolate, so I’ve got you a wheelbarrow full of Chocolate Lucy, I have no idea what you will do with the wheelbarrow but I have a fair idea what you will do with the Chocolate.

** For Laurie, I have managed to find you a complete collection of Barry Manilow CDs because of the non huge demand for Barry’s CDs these will be delivered personally by Barry on Christmas day with his thanks for being his only loyal fan.

** For Bugs Butt, your very own reserved parking spot at Costco’s, we are investigating the possibilities of reciprocal rights with Wal Mart as we speak, (so to speak.)

** For Theresa, you were causing me great concern until December 16th when you posted Flashback Friday… Christmas Magic, with this post you became an automatic choice for a little deal I made with the publishers of Lois Lane’s book, a contract for a series of children’s books, you’re gonna shine Theresa.

** For Muzikdude, you were another one I couldn’t quite decide on, but then you posted “A Man, A Mule and A Bean” and revealed your love of coffee, well I got a pretty good deal on that wheelbarrow, so I went back and got another one, which I have filled to the brim with a selection of the very best coffee beans that are available, You drink it black now y’hear!!

** For Word Whiz, I had you all set up with an apology from Home Depot and a properly fitting counter top, UNTIL I read your post dated December 18th wherein you had ordered your counter top at your cost, so it’s back to the drawing board, I tossed up with a Corvette for Paul, Nah, so finally I chose a travel voucher, you can choose the destination and time to best suit you. enjoy!

God I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone, or chosen gifts that aren’t appropriate.


Cliff Morrow said...

Sorry Peter, I couldn't wait. I opened my weather station early and have already used it. Problem is, I mounted it on the roof, and if Santa hits it on Christmas Eve, I may need to get the receipt from you.

bubba said...

You crack me up.

kenju said...

You crack me up too, Peter, and you are pretty good at virtual gifting!

If I gave you a list of the women who collect men - it would come back to bite you in the butt - and you are too nice a guy! Plus, I don't know any in Australia!

poopie said...

Well hiya Peter! I've seen you around and just now made my way over to your place. You did good on the gifting! Merry Christmas. ^j^

Big Dave T said...

You've got me nailed, Peter. I could use a whole boxload of those beepers. One for my reading glasses, one for the TV remote, one for my wallet, etc.

Carolyn said...

Oh yay!! I love my gift! You've saved me from the laundromat lurkers! You just might be my hero, Peter :D

Theresa said...

Wooohooo! I'll take it! :)

Jamie Dawn said...

How sweet that your sister is one of your biggest fans!

I want to have some of TLP's gift!

Anonymous said...


Now, I don't understand what you have against Barry Manilow. Many ladies your age are big fans of Barry, and if you got them Manilow CDs or else two tickets to a Manilow concert, you might get laid.

On the other hand, with Garth Brooks, you might get some kind of disease...

Sorry...I decided I'd rather have fruitcake than appreciation for modern country music. Give me Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash any day.


Ivy the Goober said...

woo hoo! Peter-poo! Congratulations on your promotion from commoner ;)

bornfool said...

What a neat idea. I wish I would have discovered it earlier. I don't think there's time left for me to do all that shopping for my blogroll.
For next year, if I make it to your list, I would like a new job or a publisher. :)

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Aw, Jeez. You shouldn't have.

Thanks a million.