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Friday, December 30, 2005

In a moment of insanity

Hi to all my blog friends, you will have noticed, (I hope) that I’ve moved, yet again, to a new and more spacious “holtieshouse” this came about because I liked the template I chose for Merle’s “herons nest” blog.

I found that I preferred the sidebar on the left hand side and that this one offered more space in the body for text, so, heeding the advice to save any alterations made in the existing template, I bravely pressed the key for a changeover.

Joy oh joy, everything transferred across beautifully, no wait, only half the bits on my sidebar showed up, after a fair bit of huffing, puffing and searching I found the remainder cowering, as though in terror, at the bottom of my new blog, in the body section.

No problem, thought the optimistic side of me, (the small part that is sane wasn’t so sure) I’ll just paste in the sidebar stuff I saved and all will be right with the world, Yeah!!!

About five hours later all I had managed to achieve was… dah, dah…. I now have nothing at all on my sidebar, so I went to bed and slept the sleep of the totally exhausted and defeated, knowing from past experience, that in my absence the good blogging fairies, and the inscrutable Blogger itself would have come along and fixed all my problems.

Yeah folks, I really am that naïve stupid, so if there is anyone out there in blogsville who can throw any light on the intricacies of html codes and other like mysteries I would truly love to hear from you, one would have thought the pickle I got myself into when setting up Merles site would have taught me something, (where’s that sane part of my mind when I need it?)


kellywalters said...

dont you hate template working..

* sigh * it makes me throw up a little in my mouth..

hhe.. Just joking

OldHorsetailSnake said...

There is an expert in your homeland named Oz. He might help you. Then again, he might not. Tell him I sent you:



mreddie said...

My knowledge doesn't go very far - I must depend on my bro-in-law or my niece in those deeper problems. ec

bubba said...

I can see your going down techy road. Watch out for the potholes.

Ms. Vickie said...

Sorry I am of no help Peter but I hope things work out for you very soon.

Marcus said...

Ozguru sounds like the go Pop. Of course, there's always Blogger Help though they may say you got yourself into this mess, you can get yourself out! Not sure how far the warranty extends when it comes to playing about with their templates.

LZ Blogger said...

Peter - I just read the stuff above. The problem with the BLOGSPOT, is that it uses templates that already has the HTML coding built (INTO) it. All you can do is select the look you want it to have from the selection menus that blogspot provides. (If you actually KNOW HTML, then you can modify it any way you want to, but as you expressed, you don't) So you are just going to have to use the OPTIONS for the template changes that BLOGSPOT has set up for you. Sorry I am no more help than that, but maybe if I ever get around to it, I could do a little CODE modification for you. But the reason I started this blogging stuff was because it is SO MUCH easier, than writing your own HTML code. Sorry buddy, but after all I AM the LAZY Blogger! ~ jb///

FTS said...

I can write HTML, but I am not familiar with Blogspot's templates (I'm a Squarespace user). If they use CSS, there's usually a notation in the code you can edit to float the sidebar on the left or right. Again, I don't know what's involved in their templates, so see if another Blogspot user knows what to do.