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Friday, December 23, 2005

Welcome to a new blogger

Hello blogland, some of you might remember in my virtual Christmas gifting post I mentioned setting up a blog site for my Sister Merle.

Well the deed is done, and it appears to be successful as a couple of visitors have already called in , I’m not sure how they found the site, it must have been me doin’ something weird while I blundered around in unknown territory I guess.

Anyhow the reason for this post is to ask a few of you to stop by and say hi to Merle she will be very nervous about this so be gentle please.
We have a problem Houston!!!
Seems Merle's profile has infiltrated my site, she always was a bit bossy, calling in the tech crew.


bubba said...

Ya got it. I'll be nice.

bulletbow said...

All worked OK on this end! Links worked and She's got her FIRST post! Show her your list of blogsites now that you've got the BLOG monkey on her back!~ jb///

Plumkrazzee said...

Hi Peter,I was wondering if you switched identities because you were scared of me attacking you again. Was quite confused when Merle showed up under your picture! In any case, I really am sorry I got so upset....with Christmas, the stroke thing, and my mom and dad's would-be anniversary tomorrow I just overloaded. Please stop back by, I promise I won't bite so hard next time. =)

Karen said...

Done! You've done a great job, and Merle looks like a sweet lady! :-) I'll put her on my Blogroll.

Have a great day!

Peter said...

Thankyou for welcoming Merle, there were some major technical hiccups during the day but I think we are on top of it now?

kenju said...

Peter, I just put Merle in my favorites list. But go back and take your name off and put hers in. It is confusing.