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Friday, February 03, 2006

Fred Hollows, Eye Doctor.

Frederick (Fred) Cossum Hollows

Fred Hollows.

1929 – 1993 only 64 years old at his death, a
tragic waste.

Survived by his widow Gabi and their 5

Fred was born and raised in New Zealand, but became one of our most
treasured imports, arriving in the early 1960s as a young Ophthalmologist,
(in Fred’s words an eye doctor) he quickly rose to be the head of the eye
department at a Sydney Hospital in 1965.

Fred was shocked to learn that almost all aboriginals living in outback
communities had eye diseases, in 1970 he launched a national program to fight
eye diseases in aboriginals, there are now 60 centres throughout Australia
carrying on this work.

He proved to be an inspirational leader, in 3 years he and his small team had
traveled all over Australia, treated 30,000 people, performed 1,000 eye
operations and prescribed 10,000 pairs of glasses.

Fred became aware of similar problems in Enitrea in Africa, he launched an
appeal in Australia that raised over 6 million dollars to help build a lens
factory in Enitrea and train local people in all facets of eye care.

He was a tireless worker and could be relied on to pitch in where-ever problems
were found, particularly in the poorer countries and communities.

In 1989 Fred learnt that he was dying of cancer, instead of stopping him this
served to spur him on to greater efforts, he continued his selfless work until no
longer able to go on.

Fred’s widow Gabi now runs the Fred Hollows Foundation and the good work
of a wonderful couple continues.




Merle said...

Peter ~~ Again interesting. He was
one man I admired very much. Did you know that Gabi remarried, but I
don't know how that went. I still get info on The Hollows Foundation and contribute a little. And the letters are always
signed Gabi Hollows.

open365dayz said...

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