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Friday, February 03, 2006

John Wayne

Born Marion Robert Morrison, he

John Wayne, otherwise known as
“The Duke”.

1907 – 1979, 72 years old at his death.

John Wayne was married 3 times, he
had 4 children with his 1st wife and 3
with his 3rd wife Pilar Wayne, he and
Pilar were still married when he died.

The Duke was a big man in every sense of the word he stood
6’ 4 ½” tall and was built like a small mountain; he was a super
patriotic American and a staunch Republican.

Duke made 163 films, he played the lead role in 142 of them,
between the years of 1928 and 1976, in the very early days of his
career he also played 13 unaccredited roles.

Duke made his last movie The Shootist in 1976, just 3 years before
his death.

He won the Oscar for Best Actor in 1970 for “True Grit” while this
was his only Oscar he won countless other awards, including
peoples choice for Favourite Actor 4 years running from 1975 to
1978 inclusive.

It seems fitting to close with one of Dukes own quotes;

"I have tried to live my life so that my family would love me, my
friends respect me.
The others can do whatever the hell they

When you’re the Duke you can have "Attitude" whenever you
want to.


LZ Blogger said...

Peter - It is tough keeping up with you mate! I liked all three of these. It's obvious that you are NO LAZY Blogger! ~ jb///

bubba said...

Now here was a mans man. Only one guy ever shot him in a movie and got away with it.

Cliff Morrow said...

Good stuff Peter, I liked watching the Duke. I guess I was never in awe of his acting abilities, but for some reason, I liked watching him 'swagger'.

StringMan said...

The Duke. A real film hero. I guess in real life he was a bit of a prick. And a loner. Few friends.

Now Frank, on the other hand, was a pretty powerful guy on and off camera. He had connections.

And Marilyn ... ah ... lots of immitators these days, but she was genuine. Goodbye Norma Jean ...

Nice troika, Peter.

mreddie said...

Liked his movies a lot and 'The Shootist' was probably my favorite. ec

Ms. Vickie said...

Now the Duke is my man--oh to find me one like him now.:)

Merle said...

I liked John Wayne too. Watched an old film of his the other day, but forget the name of it. Have a couple on VHS. He was a real star and there are not too many of the old stars left. You have been
busy. Have a nice weekend.

Marcus said...

Not a huge Duke fan but just love that line, "Fill your hands you son of a bitch!" From True Grit I think.
I knew a guy who used to do Duke impressions, always made me laugh.

appropriate WV prday

jules said...

My mom drug us to every John Wayne movie that was ever made. And we listened to Frank's records too. Funny~she wasn't a big Marilyn fan!

Big Dave T said...

If all Republicans were like the Duke, I wouldn't mind 'em so much.