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Friday, February 03, 2006

Frank Sinatra.

Francis Albert Sinatra.

1915 – 1998, died at 83, his headstone

"The Best Is Yet To Come."

Known by many names, Ol’ blue eyes,
Cranky Frankie,The Voice, The chairman
of the Board , to name a few.

Sinatra was 5’ 8 ½” tall of slight build, he
more than made up for any lack of size with
his fiery Italian temperament.

Frank had 4 marriages, the first to Nancy, who he wed in 1939 producing his 3

He was the consummate artist, and a prolific singer with 128 albums to his
credit, he also appeared in 48 movies plus another 13 unaccredited, as well,
there were scores of TV shows and appearances.

Sinatra formed his own record company, “Reprise” in 1960.

He was the leader of the “Ratpack” consisting of; Dean Martin, Sammy Davis
Jnr, Joey Bishop, Peter Lawford and of course Frank Sinatra, the Ratpack all

appeared in the movies, Oceans 11, and Sergeants 3, the Ratpack also had the
dubious honour of being banned from attending Marilyn Monroe’s funeral by
ex husband Joe DiMaggio.

Closing with a quote from the man himself;

"Nothing anybody’s said or written about me ever botheres me,
except when it does."


Aunt Josefina said...

My hubby loves Frank Sinatra and croons Sinatra tunes in the shower! Have you heard Michael Buble'? He has given some of that old music a new voice.....

Merle said...

Great post about Frankie. One of my favorites also.
I have Michael Buble cds and he has a lovely voice similar to Sinatra. But no=one is as good as he was.

Marcus said...

How did someone who loved Francis Albert Sinatra as much as you end up with the world's 3rd largest collection of country "music" albums? At least Frank could sing. :)
The new presentation looks good Pop.
The shame about it is how Marilyn ended up, dying prematurely, maybe suicide. So much spotlight and expectation and fame and notoriety became too much to cope with I guess.
She is the epitome of "sexy".

Vicki is coming down tomorrow to stay for a couple of days, looking forward to it. Sounds like the treatment has been helpful.

Love Marcus