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Friday, February 03, 2006

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

I did a series of people I liked a while

ago, but I was never very happy with

the way it turned out, so I'm going to

try a few again to see if they are better

2nd time, these are only meant to be

thumb nail sketches, not biographies.

One of Hollywood’s all time legends

Marilyn Monroe, also one of my favourites.

1926 – 1962 died aged 36

Marilyn was a blue eyed blonde who stood 5’ 5 1/2” tall and
weighed 110 to 120 pounds; she had a 37-23-36 figure which filled
a size 14 dress beautifully, not at all like some of the stick insects
that are around now-a-days.

She was married 3 times, but was unmarried at the time of her
death, her name was linked with many men over the years, not
the least of whom was J F Kennedy and also his brother Robert.

Marilyn appeared in 27 movies plus 3 unaccredited roles, her last
film; “Something’s Got To Give” was never completed due to her
death while still shooting it.

Marilyn was still receiving awards 37 years after her death when

in 1999 she was voted “The Sexiest Woman of the Century” along

with a host of other awards.

Even now, 44 years on, she is one of the most recognized faces in
the world.


Carolyn said...

She was absolutely beautiful! I just saw her old movie "Niagara" a few days ago.

bubba said...

She was beautiful inside and out.

PI said...

The unique thing about Marilyn is that she is equally popular with both sexes. Apart from all her other accoutrements she had a downy skin which caused her to glow on screen. She was a one-off. They don't make tham like tht anymore.

JunieRose2005 said...

Yes, Marilyn was a beauty...can't think of anyone of today's 'Stars' that come close!


kenju said...

She was beautiful, even without make-up. I read last year that she was really a size 16. I know that geve big girls everywhere some hope....LOL

Aunt Josefina said...

I love it that she was a beautiful woman with curves....

Ms. Vickie said...

She was a beautiful lady, recently I was told by a blogger that I remind him very much of her
If only :)

Merle said...

Another good post. Marilyn was popular with both men and women
which is a bit different.
I liked Bus Stop, Some Like it Hot and The Prince and the Showgirl among others.

Hale McKay said...

that's quite a trio to profile - and done well, I might add.

Warren said...

One if not the greatest sexy and funny actresses of all time. "Something's Got To Give" was never finished but was eventually made as a Doris Day, James Garner movie called "Move Over Darling".
There was a excellent video released (which I have) called "Marilyn Something's Got To Give" which was a exclusive look at Marilyn Monroe's last and unfinished movie. Not a lot know but Marilyn was fired from Something... and then re-hired just days before her mysterious death.