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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Banksia Flowers

These beautiful flowers all belong to the Banksia family, there are
numerous varieties all with different blooms and habitat preferences,
perhaps the biggest range seems to prefer a coastal location, but there
are exceptions that grow in semi desert and alpine regions.

Without exception though they are all beautiful.

This variety is found in open
woodlands along the East

Another east coast

Almost like it is covered
in matchsticks.

Scarlet Banksia

Found in coastal areas
along the West Coast

This is the richest red flower
I think I have ever seen.

This one is more of an
Alpine climate variety.

I just love the
"chess board" look of it.

Another West Coast

This time with a fluffy
look and feel about it.



lyle said...

Love the wildflowers Peter. Dare I mention that every word which ends in 's' does not require an apostrophe?!!!! lol

Vest said...

Named after Sir Joseph banks the English botanist, 1743-1820.
Peter; I cannot perceive a joebonkersbanana land redneck banana bender being a botanical boffin. Your portrait gives belief you are none other than a four x guzzling fishing freak, but I suppose seeing is not always believing. Ava G-Day sport. Vest BUDGEWOI N S W. Not BLUDGEWOI.