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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More Wild flowers of Australia.

The Kangaroo Paw is a native to West Australia, as are about 75%
of our wild flowers, they are abundant in costal area's prefering the
sandy soil that is found there.

West Australian's are known as the "sand gropers" elswhere in Oz
as such a lot of their soils are sandy.

These first three photos
are of the most common
variety of Kangaroo Paw.

The centre rib is quite a
vivid red while the outer
leaves or petals are a
bright green.

I haven't shown it here
but they grow on a bush
about three feet tall
with about 15 to 20
flowers on each bush

This is a much rarer variety
the black Kangaroo Paw

Again native to West Australia
and the same preference for
coastal sandy soil, they seem
to be found only in the hotter
(northern) parts of the
wildflower region.

There are vast area's of this
huge State where almost
nothing grows.

This is Sturts Desert Pea.

Found almost exclusively
in South Australia, where
it is the States floral emblem.

A very hardy bush that
grows in the harsh stony
desert country.

Again one of the most
vivid reds imaginable
also comes in a very rare
varieties of black and also white.



Ms. Vickie said...

Beautiful, nature at its best!

The Heir said...

Hey grampa! How are you? I'm back in Oz in May, Tazi for a couple of weeks but I managed to swing a holliday in WA afterwards too! Don't know if I can manage to add Queensland to the list for this trip but I will definitely hook it up for September! There's something very distinct about Aussie bush/flowers etc eh? Very cool stuff! I love great big gum trees which have grown in interesting places, there's one that reaches out over a water fall in Tazi that I always want to climb out on but a combination of fear and common sense has prevailed so far.

Big Dave T said...

I'm going to have to put a good digital camera on my wish list. Such beautiful pictures you can take.

mreddie said...

Outstandingly beautiful! My first time to see any of these unique blooms. ec

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ The one stark differnce that I noticed about the differences in our countries was the uniqueness of your plants and animals. This SURELY proves it for the plants. Nice post! ~ jb///

Hale McKay said...

Thanks again for the lessons, Peter. I know from Discovery Channel, Nat'l Geographic, etc. that Australia has some of the most unique flora and fauna found on earth. The photos were neat.

Humour and last laugh said...

They are beautiful Peter!

Vest said...

Very pretty. A rough neck of the woods is Gympie. reading the other day that it is the smoko capital of the east coast, correct?

Jacqui said...

OK #1, so it would have been better to paint first, but sometimes things just don't go in alogical sequence, and Walter was determined to get the tiles down, just have to get that drawer fixed before Easter.

Still waiting to see some pics of Perth.

Did you read Marcus comment about you and spelling?

Meow said...

Gorgeous photos, once again, Peter.
Don't we have an amazing array of unusual flora here in Australia. Those Kangaroo Paws are just so lovely.
Thanks for sharing, take care, Meow
PS. I just posted on Bonnie Doon ... have you seen The Castle ??

JunieRose2005 said...

How interesting, seeing your wild flowers!
They are fantastic!



Carolyn said...

These pics are gorgeous! Wish they grew around here.