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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


P4222544, originally uploaded by karen6977.

Found this beautiful photo on Karens Flickr site and clicked "blog this" to
see what would happen.

Low and behold I have an instant post, ain't technology wonderful, I've put
a link to Karens blog and if you click on karen6977 that will take you to her
flickr site.


Jordan said...

now i see where dad got his humour from. it was no problem. ill post up a sort of tutorial to html on my site when i next get time. hope my info works well (the practise blog idea was good) another thing you mite want to try is before changing anything in the template, right click, then click on "select all" and then "ctrl:c", and if you muck up your blog fiddling with the html, just click at the start of the template code section, select all, and "ctrl:v" and itll paste back what you had there when the blog was normal over what you had, getting rid of what caused any problems. one last thing, when putting html into the template, or anything, if it hasnt been "sealed" it wont show. if it doesnt fit into the html code, it will be rejected and just wont show up at all. thats all, hope my info helps you, and good luck
once again, i really do like your blog, its fantastic!

Hale McKay said...

Yes, that is a magnificent picture.

Da Gal said...

wow... that first comment up there is almost in a foreign language to me. Great pic you pic thief!! Thanks for sharing the view.

Hope you're doing well Peter!

Ivy the Goober said...

Yes, it's pretty. I need a "blog this" button on my brain that just will save me the trouble of remembering and writing what I want to post.

LZ Blogger said...

Ga day Peter! That's pretty cool. And a very LAZY way to blog... boy can I ever relate to that! ~ jb///

bubba said...

Blog this is a fun tool as is the Firefox extensions for blogging. The tech stuff is getting better and better.

Karen said...

Wow, thank you Peter!! :-D I thought that looked really familiar LOL I'm honored and you made my day.

bornfool said...

Who'd a thunk it. Instant blogging.

Jamie Dawn said...

Karen has some gorgeous photos.
I have her on my blogroll, and visit her regularly.
I never knew you could just press the "blog this" button on anyone's Flickr site and have it post to your blog.
I better be careful what I post to my Flickr account!!

poopie said...

Wonderful indeed!

Ms. Vickie said...

Beautiful photo from a very beautiful lady- She is a special lady, I can say you are as well you just taught me something new. Thanks Peter. :)

Britmum said...

Very lovely and Good Day to you sir.

Britmum said...

Truly beautiful.

The Heir said...

How's the serenity? gotta love those power lines eh? (NOT!)
Theres a village in Tazi with the most awesome views that i lived in for a few months and there are power lines messing up perfect pictures in almost every direction!

...in other news; i hear i have three flights to Queensland, if i do the maths, wait, yes... i have an entire row of seats to myself!! Thanks Grampa, Nan, Dad, and Jordan- you're contribution to the communications break down was essential in this wonderful accident, so a special thanks to you ;)
hehe, whoops! hope you can work something out with virgin!