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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A New Great Grandson for holtieshouse.

Hey world, want to hear some good news, I have another
Great Grandson, Matthew and Rhianna have a brand new
brother for Phoenix Lyle his name is Ezra Storm.

All involved are doing well, especially Grandma, she is over
the moon even though she would have preferred a girl this

I don’t know what happened to all the old names like Tom,
Bill, Fred, Harry, etc. but I guess we will get used to Ezra.

The day started well here in Oz, at almost the same time that
Ezra arrived the two miners who had been trapped
underground in Tasmania were brought to the surface

I’d better post this now before Jacqui hits the cyber waves with
the same news, I want the braggin’ rights for the


Meow said...

That is so exciting ... congratulations Great Grandpa. Hope mum and bubs are doing well.

Isn't it wonderful new about the miners in Tassie. I must admit, I was awake, watching, waiting in anticipation. It was real emotional TV.

Take care, Meow

Big Dave T said...

Interesting adage--"she is over the moon." I've heard that phrase said in similar circumstances (pregnancy) in the movie set in Ireland, Waking Ned Devine. But I don't believe it's common here in the U.S.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Congratulations on your great grandson Ezra.

JunieRose said...


Great news! Nothing better than welcoming a new baby into the family-and into the world!

Hope to see some pics soon!


Jan said...

Hi Peter
Congratulions on the arrival of great grandson Ezra Storm.
i was also awake watching tv as the 2 trapped miners were brought sufface it was very emotional to watch . take care

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ So glad to hear of the new arrival and glad all is well with Mum
and baby. It seems different names are the go these days.
I have raked up all those darn leaves!!
Love, Merle.

Jacqui said...

OK you win, but remember you are two hours ahead of us and our daughter was kind enough not to wake me till 7.45am.

Like you find the names a tad different, but we've gotten used to Phoenix so same should happen with Ezra. Congratulations too.

Jacqui said...

I just went back and checked the time and I posted at 8.46am so I beat you by 1 minute, so guess I won after all!

Miss Cellania said...

Congratulations on the blessed event! Nothin sweeter in the world than a new baby. I had no idea you were old enough to be a great-grandpa.

Da Gal said...

I love the name Ezra Storm. I wish storm was in my name - it would be very fitting. Congratulations on the wonderful event. I hope mom/dad/siblings are all doing well and most of all the new lil baby!

Lucy said...

Wow -- congratulations on Great Grandpa!

Noting new at my house.. i'm conserving my PC power -- i have a new power adapter on order (part of my ongoing dell hell) so new posts are waiting on the the runway til then..