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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Some more of our BIG treasures

A few more of our Biggies, don't be impatient we'll get to the others too.

Top row L to R
The Big Bull
The Big Runway
The Big Dog

Middle row L to R
The Big Cask
The Big Bottle
The Big Tree

Bottom row L to R
The Big Captain Cook
The Big Dog, (again)
The Big Prison Tree

The big bull proudly stands at the gateway to
Rockhampton Queensland, this is recognized as the beef
capital of Australia.
Careful study will reveal that certain appendages at the
rear end of this bull are supported, by a ¾” steel rod in
fact, (he's a big boy) this became necessary when souvenir
hunters defaced the poor beast some time ago.

The big runway, this is an emergency landing strip for the
Royal Flying Doctor Service planes to use in an
emergency, this one is located at the start of the longest
straight stretch of road in the world, on the
Eyre Highway WA.

The big dog, otherwise known as Dog Rock is a huge rock
thatprotrudes from the ground in Albany WA. the only
addition is the painted collar around his neck.

The big cask, this is our famous “wine cask” which allows
some surprisingly good wines to be marketed very cheaply,
it has also become know as “Chateau Cardboard”

The big bottle, this one adorns the premises of Bundaberg
Rum Distillery, located not surprisingly at Bundaberg Qld.
Don’t get the wrong idea about our drinking habits, we
don’t drink anymore than any 2 or 3 other countries in
the world.

The big tree, this is a huge Tingle Tree located in the
valley of the giants near Walpole WA. it comfortably
housed more than half our Toyota Hilux Utility in the
burned out base, sadly fire has since finished the job it
started and this giant is no more.

The big Captain Cook, I was most upset to find that in
creating the collage Picassa had chopped the good
captains head off.
He circum-navigated Australia’s east coast back in
1770 and was largely responsible for the English
settlement that followed, so really deserved better
treatment than that.

The big dog, this one isn’t included so much for it’s size,
more for it’s historical value, a very well known song in
Australia is; “Where the dog sits on the tucker-box nine
miles from Gundagia” Gundagai is a town in central NSW.

The big prison tree, this is near the remote WA town of
Derby, during our not to be so proud of stages of
development?? when there was trouble with the
aboriginal population, they were housed temporarily
within this tree whilst more were rounded up, it is a giant
tree and held up to 25 people at times, with only the one
means of exit it was easily guarded,
that’s Julie peeping out !!
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Prerona said...

Nice snaps Peter! My mum is going to australia at the end of this year. Will ask her to check out these places!

Hale McKay said...

That was very interesting and informative, Peter. I have never heard or read of any of those. I better start doing some more reading up on Australia.

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Yes these are good and there are still more aren't there?
There is a pineapple in Gympie isn't there?
Cheers, Merle.

LZ Blogger said...

The Big tree and the Prison tree are really awesome! ~ jb///

Karen said...

The big Prison tree is incredible, never seen one before.

Congrats, Great Grandpa!! :-D How wonderful!

Have a great day.

kenju said...

When my mother did her geneaology prior to joining the Daughters of the American Revolution, she discovered that she was descended from Captain Cook. I got to see his monument in HI, and went snorkeling in the cove where he is supposed to have landed there.

Cliff Morrow said...

I'll admit I need new glasses. I went to the poison tree pic, and then back to your narrative. I hadn't seen the second p in peeping.

Trucker Bob said...

Good stuff Peter, especially the descriptions.

Janice said...

Hi Peter...found you through "Here's Lucy" - neat site. Can't wait to read more. Congratulations on little Ezra -- I think that's a great name! There are just too many Toms and Bills!
But, hey, what's all the "BIG" stuff -- you aren't from Texas are you?? LOL!

Jamie Dawn said...

That's a WHOLE LOTTA bull!!

Da Gal said...

I like the tree - that looks really cool! I love the work you're doing over here at your place. I could use some fancying up at my site... some day.


Jacqui said...

Hi peter, I sticking to my one minute.

All those big things are scary, are we the only country that has these things, why do you suppose we do it, to prove we are better or something, maybe it's like the one minute.

Hope "perona's" mother is going to be here a while as there are some pretty big distances between "the big things"