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Sunday, May 07, 2006


Hi everyone, I hope that you can all see the change to my page
12 point

I have put a washed out photo of my 4 kids on to the page
12 point bold

I am now trying out some font size and definition
14 point bold

This is so that I can see the difference in clarity
14 point

I am pretty sure the red will show up OK through the photo
12 point red

If anyone has any problems with seeing/reading this stuff
12 point

now please let me know so that I can attempt to fix it


Jan said...

Hi Peter
i like your new page can see the photo and i prefer the 14pt can read it a lot easier. and also like your photo's keep posting them also enjoy reading Jacqui's travels ..take care

StringMan said...

I think 14pt, too.

Aren't you the creative blogger now, getting all fancy and sophisticated :)

Great looking bunch you've got there, matey.

kenju said...

I like the print above the red one, and that siz4e.

Ms. Vickie said...

Peter, I really like the changes you made with your templete. I will say I do strain to read the 12pt unless it is
in the red text. I like the 14 font size much better.
You have done a very nice job here with the templete though. :)

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I like the 14 point too...12 is fine, but 14 is much easier to read.

Jacqui said...

You had me worried there for a while, thought we must have had twins, then I realised that the photo keeps repeating.

Love the idea I like the 14 point too, the bold isn't really necessary though.

Meow said...

I like the 14 point, too.
The photo in the background is a great idea ... well done. Might have to try something like that myself.
Take care, Meow

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ I have found some of your recent posts harder to read, but did not
want to say. It seems like we all prefer 14, but bold is not necessary.
Still looking at all those leaves and
am waiting till they dry out a bit or they wont rake or sweep. Bernice has been talking for 2 years about getting rid of the tree ~ maybe this time.
Cheers, Merle.