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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde

............................... No Depravity Here Folks...................................
Just keep moving folks, nothing to see here.

I found myself humming "I am a rock, I am an Island" when
I chose this
picture.... That's gotta be a sign... right?

Hi folks, I’m back from my trip down Depravity Lane and
I’m gonna try to be nice again, some of you will know I’m
sure, what it’s like to have the “other” you just bowl up and
take over.

There are times when the Dr. Jekel side emerges and we are
powerlessto stop it…
ever been cut-off or tail-gated while driving? old Dr J seems
to just appear from nowhere having us perform deeds and
shout things that our Mr Hyde would never do.

They say that recognizing that you have a problem is half
the battle, OK if this is true I am half way to ridding myself
of old Dr. J. At this stage I have not sought professional
help or medication preferring the cold turkey approach.

Should anyone who feels they may have the same tendencies
care to participate in a bit of group therapy, with lots of
hugging and ki…. bloody hell Dr. J. just gate crashed our
therapy session… sorry folks.

Perhaps I need to go back into my childhood days to find
somebody else to blame for my problems, that seems to be
very popular now a days, there has to be someone I can
offload on, otherwise I may have to admit to being a little
shit and we can’t have that!!

The three Bullets.

A woman, pregnant with triplets, was walking down the
street when a masked robber runs out of a bank and
shoots her three times in the abdomen.

Luckily, the babies were okay. The surgeon decides to
leave the bullets in because it's too risky to operate.

She gives birth to two healthy daughters and a son.

They were fine for 16 years, and then one daughter walked
into the room in tears "What's wrong?" asks the mother.
"I was urinating and this bullet came out," replied the

The mother tells her it's okay and explains what happened
16 years ago.

About a week later the second daughter walked into the
room in tears. "Mom, I was urinating and this bullet came

Again the mother tells her not to worry and explained what
happened 16 years ago.

A week later, her son walked into the room in tears.

"It's okay," says the mother, "I know what happened...you
were urinating, and a bullet came out."

"No," says the boy, "I was masturbating and I shot the dog!

I was gonna post this story, then I suddenly realized that just
maybe it didn’t fit with the “non-depraved” image I was
promoting then I thought, to hell with that, it’s a funny story
post it…. could that be a victory for Dr. J???


JunieRose2005 said...

LOL-It IS a funny story!


Hale McKay said...

"Shot the dog!" _ LOL - You want to change what you post? You want them to be less depraved.

Hey, better you depraved than your readers deprived.

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Better and funny. Thanks for comments "never argue with an idiot".
Some of them were good.Cheers, Merle.

Jacqui said...

Hi Peter, I guess I knew that you would only have something positive to say about blogging, but thanks anyway.

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Just a note to tell you I can no longer open Peters Pictures. Not from my blog, or yours. Not found is all
I get. Last one I saw was the flowers at
Noosa Resort. Cheers, Merle.

StringMan said...

Your triplet joke only proves you need further therapy, Holtie!

Prerona said...

new look and new pics everytime i come here these days :) and i loved this pic ... wow!

Karen said...

Your trip was just fine, if we take ourselves too seriously, it takes all the fun out of life. Let the Dr. out once in a while, you didn't offend me. :-)

The picture is pretty, there is much to see there, in my opinion; the reflection is lovely.

Have a great day!

Craig 'n' Jen said...

Hey Grandpa, i just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the gifts that you sent back for us. The sand art was amazing and for the bar costers, Craig was quite chuffed and said thanks very much.
Glad you had a good birthday and that you liked your scrapbook.
Love Jenna

Big Dave T said...

I like that picture. It resonates with beauty, yet there's something eerie about it too. Like there might be some bad snakes lurking under those rocks.

Cliff Morrow said...

I'm not worried about your sanity. You live too far away for that.
I love the picture. It does seem your standards in jokes is eroding a bit.

Lucy said...

You funny guy!

kenju said...

Yeah, I think you could easily lump taht in with the mild depravity of yesterday!


Raggedy said...

I am having trouble getting your web page to load. I left a comment earlier. When I clicked login and publish a page came up...can't find. So I lost the original comment.

I saw that joke about a year ago. It was still funny the second time around...lol

“We don't stop laughing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop laughing” ~Michael Prichard

We all could use a trip down "Depravity Lane" for a good chuckle.

You just keep on posting. No offense taken here...

Have a great day!

Maria said...

In my mind I see Depravity Lane as a rather dark street with lots of neon lights, music, and the smell of beer. The kind of place I like to go once in awhile when the family isn't looking. So don't stop Dr.J cuz I plan to meet him in Depravity Lane next full moon or wait! Is that the wolfman that comes to life in the full moon? Doesn't matter I love all the depraved characters. Bring em on!

Da Gal said...

So glad you didn't stop reading over at my joint - looks like you are having a wee bit of hormonally induced swings yourself mate!

I figure it's better out than in... as long as I don't ever register to be a gun owner that is.


DellaB said...

"old Dr J seems to just appear from nowhere having us perform deeds and shout things that our Mr Hyde would never do."

or perhaps just because now we 'can'?

there are definite plusses in being over the hill - I am discovering...