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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Desperate call for HELP

Please help your assistance is needed desperately.

There has been an even more serious loss here in Australia
, I'm only
joking!!! my Sister Merle's much loved blogsite Heronsnest has gone
whirling off into the vast emptyness of cyberspace, she is
and inconsolable, or wait, is that uncontrollable?

Anyway I opened up a new site for her called heronsnest2 but sad
to say nobody but me could comment on it so there is YET
this one appropriately called Third Try, the link should
take you there,
please call in and say hello, it just might get me
out of the dog house.


Meow said...

Thanks Peter ... this one seems to work!! Hope you figure out what happened to her original blog ... hope this doesn't start happening to all of us. Perhaps a backup might be on the cards !!!
Take care, Meow

Val said...

What a body blow! I was actually going to use some of the jokes from Merle's old blog to put in a book I'm making for my mother. Aaargh!

Will visit her new blog now and see if I can comment.

Love the Nat King Cole song!

Miss Cellania said...

My old blog on Blogger seems to be kaput too. Shame, I had all the photos from my old posts stored over there. But you get what you pay for. Still, there are free hosting sites that put Blogger to shame.

Bec said...

hello peter,
gotta say atleast life isnt boring for grandma!!!
hehehe, i finally tracked down her new site, and fingers crossed that this one doesnt vanish too!
cheers Bec

Ms. Vickie said...

Thanks Peter, have it linked now.

DellaB said...

hmmm ... does your expecting to be in the dog house happen to have anything to do with Merle losing her blog? by any chance?