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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Long Time No See

This is a photo of some of my favourite people.

Peter (B.I.L.) and Sue with their two boys Jake and Ben.

Yesterday I met up with and spent about five very pleasant hours with
a Brother-In-Law that I've not seen for a few years.
The photo above was taken about four years ago, so the boys have no
doubt grown lots but Pete still looks much the same, he is CFO of a
small but very active company involved with the major ski resorts in
Australia, among other things, and visits the Gold Coast region in
Queensland often as a part of his job.
We arranged to meet up yesterday and during the course of our
chatting the subject of blogs came up (funny how that happens isn't it)
Pete became increasingly concerned as I kept dropping a "I'll blog
about that" comment into the conversation.
He, being a typical "accountant" was drawing pictures in his mind of all
sorts of compromising situations being exposed from comments he
made "in confidence" I mention this fact only because I know Pete will
read this to see what I have to say.
Relax Pete, you are one of my favourite people and I know nothing
about you that would be embarrassing, and even if I did I wouldn't
really "blog about it."
For background information Peter is Julie's (wife 2) younger brother
who was probably only about eight years old when we first met so we
"go back aways" and he grew up spending quite a bit of time in our
company, both in Queensland and later during our "farming" period
in Victoria.
Once again, relax Pete any stories I have to tell are only good ones,
we managed to re-live a few of these yesterday and have vowed to do
it again soon.
Having reminded me of all this I will post some of the stories we
chatted about sometime soon so stay tuned, (you too Pete you will
recall we talked of baiting the hook!!!)


Maria said...

Those are darn good looking kids and it sounds like you had a wonderful visit. I think I know how Pete feels. Lots of people worry needlessly about what might be said about them.

You are right to tell him to relax. From reading your blog, I can assure him you are much too much a gentleman and all around nice guy to ever write anything that doesn't put everyone, but you in the best of lights.

Marcus said...

That would have been fun seeing Peter, I can't remember the last time I saw him but I have good memories of the times we spent together as kids, especially the trip to Carnarvon Gorge and the Mack Truck Challenge!
Apparently Bruce and Jane have similar reservations about blogs and blogging which is a shame.

Jeanette said...

HI Peter
Sounds like you had a great day with Pete and i should imagine there was a lot of reminiscing going on.
Like your choice of music Peter

Ill stay turned for the next episode. Take care. Jan

Trucker Bob said...

Well, look at you Peter! Going all high-tech with the music. Love it.

In fact love everything on here. Great job!

JunieRose2005 said...


Lots of folks worry about blogging and the internet, in general.

I'm always very careful not to say anything that will hurt anyone that I write about!

... Except for myself! :) I make fun of myself a lot!


Joy Des Jardins said...

What a nice visit Peter. I'm sure Pete will feel better after he reads your post. However, he would not be alone in his feelings about blogs...there are a lot of people who are just a little intimidated by them....more accurately...don't understand what they're all about.

Nice to meet some more of your family Peter.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Pete has some nice looking kids and I can't wait to hear the "good" stories about Pete.
Maybe he'll start his own blog too and see how much fun it is to blog.

Kelvin said...

Come on Peter - "spill the beans" !!! We won't tell a soul, will we bloggers. See, I have even got my hand out with fingers crossed !!!
It is always good to catch up with family though, especially if you haven't seen them for a while.

wazza said...

Hey Maria I'm sorry you are under a illusion... Peter a gentleman...now come up youse got that all wrong.
I met the two Peters for dinner. It's been proberly 25 years since I last saw Peter (2) and it was good meeting up with him again.

Anonymous said...

Well this is my first ever comment on a blog site. This is Pete (B.I.L). It was GREAT to catch up with you Pete & Warren. These were fantastic times that Pete has posted and I will not elaborate on any of them as there are many more episodes to 'blog'.
I noted your comment Marcus - it has been a long time.