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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Blog Etiquette

A chance to say goodbye before you
melt away

The vanishing breed

I posted a comment recently at Judy’s site in response to her post about bloggers who disappear from sight without any explanation.

As with Judy I have a particular blogger in mind that has prompted me to write this post, he is Latigo Flint, a writer of some really weird, but extremely funny, stories about the old West, I’m sure anyone who has ever read his posts will remember him well.

His last post on November 26th 2006 gave no clue that he was about to quit, so one eventually assumes the worst, I did a pilgrimage call recently only to be greeted with a blank page… I cursed that I had not copied at least a couple of his more hilarious posts as a memento… I have since been back and the site is intact…. note to self.. do some copies self.

This seems to happen quite regularly, someone you read each day/week suddenly stops posting, and we, your readers, are left wondering where you have got too, have you just got tired of blogging? or has something else caused your absence, illness or an accident maybe? it would be nice to say goodbye or to learn the facts of the case at least.

To this end I have given my son Marcus the keys to my blog and asked him to say my goodbyes should I get hit by the proverbial bus, or even if I pass more peacefully.

I am blessed with an articulate blogger in my choice but everyone must know someone who could write that last chapter for them, sort of bring the curtain down, if you like.

Think of it as a part of your will, you wouldn't want your other treasures and possessions to go unclaimed why chance it with your blog, to your faithful readers this could be the greatest treasure you have to leave.

Just BTW, Marcus has been blessed with enough of the HOLT genes to have a sense of humour that is similar to mine, so if his closing remarks are in any way disparaging please just dis-regard them and think your own pleasant thoughts of me (your now departed blog buddy).

I hope Judy won’t mind me reprinting her closing paragraph here;

And now - a note to the rest of you:

If you decide to quit writing your blog, please put up a last post. I won't insist that you explain why you are quitting, unless you really want to. But for those of us who might have some parting words, please allow comments on that last post - even if you have no desire or intent to ever go back and read them. I hate being left hanging, with something to say and no one to say it to.

I just love that last line Judy, it sounds so typically female;

I hate being left hanging, with something to say and no one to say it to.

One final point:

I had a comment from "Morgan" on my previous post and as is my
normal practice I tried to connect to her? blog to say thanks for the
visit, sadly the section in her? profile that enables contact had not
been checked so I hit a brick wall.

Note to all Bloggers;

Please enable this section so that we may contact one another.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Yes, re Latigo Flint. Also, Follow That Star, the near-Denver hairdresser, also has turned up missing.

I did have one buddy, Shane, who explained he was bailing, posted his last post, and then exited. Very graceful chap.

Puss-in-Boots said...

I, being of sound mind, do hereby leave my blog to...

Good post, Peter. You become quite attached to some people in a cyber friendly way and if they should suddenly disappear without a trace, they leave a void and a sense of being let down in some way.

Yet, you can't help wondering if things are okay with them, if they have been taken ill and passed on or whatever. So, I think your precautions of passing your keys along to your son are very sound.

But don't go yet. Don't you know, only the good die young and if you're anything like my mother, you're going to be here for ages!

Laurie said...

Great post. I used to read the blog of a young girl who quit blogging and told everyone she was quitting but I still go back to check on her and, alas, still no posts. That makes me sad. I need to give my sister my password but she'll probably freak out at the very thought of it.

DellaB said...

good point Peter...

I had quite a few posts to go back through, what a wonderful mixed bag when read all together like that. Some very funny jokes, don't ask me to remember which ones, I always mean to, but by the time I get back to the first post to do a comment, my mind goes blank.

I was reading one of them, when Noel came out to say he was off for a nap - he looked at me very strangely - I must have been chuckling to myself or even LOL...

Oh, and I pinched a copy of your 'Speeding - what's your excuse' sign, funniest thing I've seen in ages .. thanks


LittleJen said...

That is very nice to know you think ahead like that Peter.
BTW that was a lovely tribute to your father.

Pamela said...

the hubby can get into mine.
Several times I've wondered what the heck I'm doing writing a blog.

Especially on days when I feel that I have nothing to say.

There there is Willowtree and his post I've got nothing

which generated so many comments about nothing.

Sometimes I've got nothing. If I ever decide to quit I'll throw a party.

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Good post and a good idea. But I figure if I fall off the perch, you would let folks know. I assume so anyway. I am not planning on leaving so no need for all those praises you were going to sing in my memory. But keep them in mind, just in case !!! Love, Merle.

Meow said...

Hi Peter, I totally agree. There are a couple of bloggers I used to read, who just disappeared ... Feathers and Follow That Star ... it's quite sad, as we were unable to say goodbye, and don't really know what happened.
Hope all is well in your world.
Take care, Meow

Steve G said...

Good advice Peter. Of course there are the thoughts that the blogger hit the big lottery and moved on to better things.

Jeanette said...

Good idea peter. I have got all the family blogging so im sure one or all will post but I plan to be around for quite a number of years yet. Take care, Jan

Raggedy said...

What a wonderful post! I am so glad that I was not mentioned in it..haha
I can't find my cat hug thingie so hugsss

Raggedy said...

Look at me I'm a new Zilla Fox!
I hope I can figure it out.

Walker said...

Barring some unknown catastrophe people should say something if they are leaving or taking time off especially if you have loyal readers and friends.
Recently as you know I found out one of my favourite bloggers passed away and as sad as I was I was happy to know she had left the keys to the shop to her best friend to tell us and not have us wondering and worry.
In fact I sent a email to one of my daily reads who hasn’t posted in over a month to see what’s up.
I guess the people we see everyday are like family and we feel for them like family and want to know they’re well.
As for me, no one has the keys to my insanity but me so if there was anything to happen to me I am sure some of my close blogging friends would find out from someone who we both know here.

Great post
Have a nice day Peter

Zaac said...

was gutted when latigo dissapeared, have been making the odd pilgrimage there myself. no sign of kid relish to let us know whats actually going on either, my bet is theyre both in jail and wont be out for 8-12 years, latigo should resume blogging shortly after his release.

the dreads are gone grampa, check out the posse house for some pics (alternately, sign up for facebook -uni student network- and look up my profile for loads more!!)

Jack K. said...

Points well made.

Jamie Dawn said...

Blog buddies truly do become real buddies. I think you and Judy are right on the mark.
People who drop off the blog scene without explanation or notice should be horse whipped.
Being hit by a bus would be a peaceful way to go. You would die instantly, hopefully, but it would sure be tramatic for the poor bus driver and any onlookers.
Peter, please steer clear of all buses for a long time, okay?!

poopie said...

Yep...it's a bothersome thing for sure to have to wonder what happened. I've made enough "last posts" to paper my bathroom with but I keep comin' back :)

Ms. Vickie said...

Maybe it is the Nurse in me or maybe it is my own daily battles but a very long time ago I made arrangements for this if something major happened My reason just what you have mentioned here.

Most know with my health that I often am away for days at a time or if things are bad even weeks but there is always someone who lets you know when things are bad. I return when I can and often never discuss the why I have been away. I always assume most will know it is Missy kicking my ass but I will be back.

For those who mentioned FTS, he had given us notice that he would be closing his blog---maybe you missed it. He even returned after an absence to wish everyone the best and say the time had come to say the final Blog Goodbye. He is enjoying his mountains and the New Life in Denver....very busy he is but very happy for he did Follow his dream not the stars. :)

Christina said...

Some very good points, Peter.

Lee said...

Just so you know, Peter...I'm coaching my two cats in the art of computing! So far all they can type is 'the cat sat on the mat', but they're very bright. I know they will conquer the keyboard soon!

wazza said...

Gidday Peter,
It's a good idea. Like becoming used to a TV series and it finishes for the season and you then find out the show has been cancelled and you never know what happens after the seasons final cliffhanger.
Mind you Puss-in-Boots said only the good die young so we (me) know you're gonna be around for a looong time...goddam!!!!

Marcus said...

Does my duty only extend to a final explanatory post or am I allowed to take over, and continue HoltiesHouse after you're gone? "Son of HoltiesHouse".
Mind you, if that horrible noise keeps up I may just sneak in the back door before you're gone and tweak your html!! hahaha

Hale McKay said...

Very good points and advice. To Hoss: Follow That Star did make two final posts - one to say he was going to stop posting - and a final post thanking everyone for the support. His friend TSB has kept the site.