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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mervyn Holt 1911 – 2002.

Dad and I taken about six months before he died.

I am delighted to find that this is my 500 th post here at holtieshouse
I could not have thought up a better way to celebrate my 500 th than
with a tribute to my Dad.

Mervyn Holt 1911 – 2002.

My Dad died January 20th 2002 aged 91 I have written of him often before. so long term readers will know a bit about my Dad already.

Dad was a typical self made man, he got no start from anyone else, he manufactured his own luck, (the harder I work the luckier I get) was a statement he made often.

Growing up the 5th of 6 boys who existed on, rather than lived on the land, he was mercifully too young for WW1 1914 – 1918, but by the time he matured the great depression was upon us so he grew up knowing all about hard times.

His formative years saw him gladly taking any job he could get; it was in the late 1930s that he made the move from the bush to city life when he got a job on the Melbourne Tramways as a bus driver.

Always a quick learner he soon found that the city offered chances for an enterprising young man to make money using his brains rather than his hands.

With absolutely no money behind him he dabbled in buying and selling secondhand motor cars, gradually he expanded into buying and selling real estate, these ventures over a thirty year period made him a moderately wealthy man, (Not bad for a third grade schoolboy who’s favourite subject was rounders) was his proud boast.

Dad had a passion for horses and once he had accumulated enough money to be able to satisfy this passion he became a breeder and trainer of thoroughbred horses, over a long lifetime these horses were the only thing he devoted time to that didn’t make him money.

Dad had a few decent horses over the years but never anything good enough to win any big races, but he knew the breeding and race record of every horse he owned and loved them all.

His rather stormy relationship with my Mother ended in the 1950s, he then married his soul mate Ada, they spent almost 50 years together with the sole purpose of making one another happy, and it was a joy to spend time with them.

Dad spent twenty years back on the land, this time around he really enjoyed it and he led an active life there until at the age of 87 he agreed to “retire to the coast” over this same twenty five year period he had some major health scares but always managed to bounce back from them, mainly I believe because of the wonderful mental attitude that he had.

Dad spent the last year of his life in a Nursing Home when it became to much for Ada to care for him, like most things in his life he adjusted to this much better than most.

He was in hospital recuperating from what seems almost to be the obligatory broken hip when pneumonia set in and claimed him quite peacefully.

My middle Son Marcus conducted the funeral service for “Pa” which added a great personal touch to it.

It is with the normal mixed feelings that I look back today and remember all the good things about my Dad, I wouldn’t have wanted to see him live on in pain and suffering, but at the same time I miss the long talks we had and the joy of his poetry and remembrances.

RIP Dad.


Lucy said...

Peter - what a lovely tribute to your Dad. I've lost parents now - my dad in 2002 also. It tugs at my heart alot and just like you it helps me to blog about him.

I'm sure your dad is watching over you.

Lucy said...

Also - congrats on the 500th post and
that's a fabulous picture of you and your dad.

Zaac said...

i love that photo, i remember him reciting a poem from memory for aunty ada when we visited during the olympics.
500 posts eh grampa?? hehe i still get a giggle out of being a "3rd generation blogger"!!

No_Newz said...

I feel like I know him. Thank you for sharing his life with us.

Rachel said...

Congratulations on the 500 posts!!

Wonderful tribute to your Dad. He does look like a happy fellow!

Marcus said...

Jelly Bean Scrambles!

Nice work Dad.

PS Did you get to see the comet?
(Hellllloooo Comet!)

Miss Cellania said...

You have such great stories. Of course, this one is thanks to your Dad, so we see where your talent comes from.

Granny said...

What a wonderful man he must have been. Thanks for letting us know him a little and congratulations on your 500th post.

May you have many more. I always enjoy coming over here.

Jack K. said...

Congrats on 500 postings.

A tribute to dad is a fitting way to celebrate.

It is difficult for us who still have some life to live to think about each of us having a mission to perform in this life. When the mission is accomplished it is time to transition on to the next one.

I am reasonably sure that there are times to this day that you have a conversation with dad. His response may not come to your ears, but it does come to your heart.

Thanks for sharing this story.

jules said...

Sounds like a great guy.

Walker said...

Exellent post Peter.

Your father sounds like he was a man who made his life not followed someone elses.
Congrats on your 500th post, I can't wait to read the next 500.

Lee said...

A lovely tribute to your Dad, Peter. He sounds like he was a wonderful person. Thanks for sharing your loving memories of him with us. :)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Congratulations on your 500th post, Peter and also to a great tribute to your dad. You are very like him.

A lot of people of your dad's generation sure knew the meaning of hard work growing up as they did in the depression. That is my mum's era also.

Anyway, it sounds like your dad passed on his values to his children.

Have a good weekend.

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Congrats on the 500 th post, and also the fine tribute to
Dad. He is one person who will never be forgotten by so many of us.
Take care, Love, Merle.

kenju said...

I see where you got your good looks, Peter. It's nice to read about your dad. Your good memories sustain you.

Hale McKay said...

Congrats on post nbr 500, Pete. I agree, you couldn't come up with a better post than that tribute to your dad to celebrate that blogging milestone.

By the way, which one is your dad in that picture? (Joking, of course.)

JunieRose2005 said...

Congrats, Peter! 500 posts!!

That's a very nice picture of you and your dad!


Meow said...

What a wonderful tribute to your dad, Peter. He sounds like he was a great person.
Congratulations on the 500th post ... wow !!
Hope your weekend is going well.
Take care, Meow

Anonymous said...

Peter, a damn fine trubute to your Dad.

Jeanette said...

HI Peter What a great way to celebrate your 500th post. with such A beautifull Tribute to your dad. and Slim Dusty singing as I read. Take Care, Jan

Cliff Morrow said...

Ahhh Peter. This was great. And he did it all without the help of the government. Truly amazing. He sounds like my kinda guy. You are fortunate to have had him.

Raggedy said...

Congratulations on 500!
Excellent post!
What a beautiful tribute to your Dad. He sounds like a beautiful soul. I loved the picture of the two of you.
RIP Mervyn.

(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

Christina said...

It sounds like your dad led a fascinating life. You are lucky to have had an influence like him. Great tribute!

Morgan said...

I read often and comment very little. I'm glad your Dad stuck out that stormy relationship with your Mom long enough to produce you. His story reads somewhat like mine...you've got a wonderful site here, and now that you're on #500 I'll do my bit to talk it up, whatever good that might do you.

Katherine said...

That was an absolutely beautiful tribute to your Dad, Peter. Truly brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful your Dad brought so much joy into so many lives. I love his saying about the harder he works the luckier he gets. I agree that each of us make our own luck - he sure did.

Zinnia said...

91 is a very ripe age. I'd love to hear the history in those years.

Jamie Dawn said...

I hope your dad can read your blog in heaven.
Of course, some of the pics you post would be censored in heaven.

wazza said...

Gidday Peter,
I knew your Dad and altho' I didn't have a lot to do with him, just the stories you've told me about your Dad's life showed me what a beaut bloke and scoundrel (said in the nicest way) he was. I'm pleased you and Dad had a good and enjoyable relationship, especially in the last few years of his life.
500 posts huh, shit only 450 for me to go to catch up (no comments will be entered in to re this "catch-up" comment). Congrats on your 500 and Merv posts.