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Thursday, February 15, 2007

What do you see?

You can't always believe what you see at first glance

picture 1................picture 2................picture 3

picture 4.................picture 5

Some of you no doubt saw the images here for what they are, others
will get quite a surprise when they study the larger images, I never
cease to be amazed by this sort of thing and marvel at the creative
minds that come up with them in the first place.

The enlargement of picture 1, what a lovely face.

The enlargement of picture 2, another beautiful girl.

The enlargement of picture 3, it's hard to see the original image once
you see the enlargement.

The enlargement of picture 4, do you see more faces??

The enlargement of picture 5, notice the reclining figure??

Not for any special reason just coz I like it, heres a joke.

Unusual Illness.

On their Wedding Night a young couple left the church and arrived
at the hotel where they were spending the first night of their

They opened the champagne and began undressing.

When the bridegroom removed his socks, his new wife Asked, "Ewww
what's wrong with your feet? Your toes look all mangled and weird.
Why are your feet so gross?"

"I had tolio as a child," he answered.

"You mean polio?" she asked.

“No, tolio. The disease only affected my toes."

The bride was satisfied with this explanation, and they continued

When the groom took off his pants, his bride once again wrinkled
up her nose.

"What's wrong with your knees?" she asked. "They're all lumpy and

"As a child, I also had kneasles," he explained.

"You mean measles?" she asked.

"No, kneasles. It was a strange illness that only affected my knees."

The new bride had to be satisfied with this answer.

As the undressing continued, her husband at last removed his

"Don't tell me," she said. "Let me guess...........



Karen said...

That joke is a classic LOL

The photos are so cool, I love seeing both views.

Have a great day!!

Vickie said...

Neat photos--I enjoyed them very much.

Hope you are enjoying your day.

Granny said...

Happy Valentines Day although for you it's over by now isn't it?

Love that joke.

Theresa said...

Those are really neat! My teenagers loved the first two! And that joke...I should have known what was coming!

Jack K. said...

Loved the joke.

Loved the pictures much more.


Joy Des Jardins said...

I just love optical illusions Peter....those were wonderful. Thanks.

Meow said...

"Smallcox" ... hahahaha !!
Love the pictures, they are very clever, Peter.
Thanks for sharing.
Hope you are wll.
Take care, Meow

Cliff Morrow said...

This was entertainment at it's finest Peter. Thanks

Hale McKay said...

LOL - smallcox - LOL

I am also fascinated with pictures that are optical illusions.

Great stuff.

Lee said...

lol great joke! That'll teach her not to try before buying!

Those pics are very fascinating...it takes incredible imagination to come up with something like that.

Big Dave T said...

Nice couple of Valentine Day blogs, Peter. You usually don't find detailed accounts of the Valentine's Day massacre on women's blogs. They have to have something romantic instead. I mean, that's okay, but we men only can take so much romance, right?

Walker said...

The mind see what it wants to see.
Loved the joke. lol
Have a happy Valentines Day :)

Rachel said...

Great photos! LOL at that joke!!! Too funny!!

Jim said...

I hadn't heard your joke before. Keep 'em going!
Guess my wish is late over there,
Happy [Late] Valentine's Day Peter!

Pamela said...

That joke is an oldie (you can tell by the diseases) I remember it from waaaaaay back

lovely art ... who has the imagination for such

Jeanette said...

Hi Peter. Loved the optical illusions. Someone has imagination plus.Great joke! Alan used to tell a different version ended He had dick theria.. Take care Jan

Marcus said...

I've got a book full of optical illusions, I'd send it to you but every time I look for it it looks different!

JunieRose2005 said...


Those pictures were so fascinating to look at! Thanks for putting them on!


Jamie Dawn said...

That young couple obviously didn't play the "Show Me Yours and I'll Show You Mine" Game before they got married. Smallcox... FUNNY!!

Those optical illusions are wonderful.

I won't have a new post up until the weekend. I've been too busy the past few days, and I'm using whatever spare time I have to visit blog buddies.
Stop by JD's this weekend!! That's me, BTW. :)

I hope you have a nice weekend. We are supposed to have nice, warm temperatures all weekend, so I hope to get outside some.

kenju said...

Good joke and very interesting art, Peter. The comment box took a looooonnnng time to open.

Marcus said...

G'day Pop
I responded to the comments on my last post and it turned into an essay! Just in case you don't go back, I'm reprinting my comments regarding your humour label challenge. Plenty of scope for new categories.
See you in 2 weeks!

From Holt Press:
Dear Dad
Yeah I like it better too. And like you, there are plenty of things I would do with my blog(s) if time permitted. The labelling system is good and I like the new dashboard too, especially with so many blogs now!
Got your email re photos, it's in the same category as "doing more to my blog" but I will get to it.
Re. Humour labelling, you could develop sub-labels eg.
PS-Produced Smile
AG-Appreciative Grin
MG-Minor Giggle
LOL-The Standard response
DBL-Deep Belly Laugh
ROFL-Rolling on Floor Laughing
RUFOH-Repeated Uncontrollable Fits of Hilarity
WMP-Wet My Pants

Cheers Marcus

JunieRose2005 said...

Love the song you have on now!!

Was a favorite of mine when it came out!

of course it would be...I LOVE -love songs!


LittleJen said...

Loved the photos they were awesome

DellaB said...

funny stories, magic pictures, thanks Peter...