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Saturday, March 24, 2007

I Could Write A Book Chapter 8

G’day all, if this post just sort of fizzles out someone will need to wake me up, I’m at home but the trip from Victoria to Gympie Qld. was pretty hard work I kept getting noddy and no matter what I did to revive myself it just got worse.

Anyway that is all history now as I made it unscathed, after leaving Merle's at 8am Friday I called at Jan’s in Yarrawonga where we had a mini Bloggers convention, Jan, Gwen, Donna and myself, there will be pictures later.

I promise to get through my blogroll very soon too and to catch up with what you have all been doing while I have been busy touring around.

I have waded through my emails and snail mail, got some food in for the next few days as I may not feel much like shopping (or anything else) after the eye operation on Tuesday?? now I am about to have a long hot shower and go to bed, for me bed before midnight is uncharted territory but I’m pretty sure I’ll sleep tonight.

This would be a dull sort of a post on it’s own so I’ll take the opportunity to post the last installment of my Dad’s story with it, I am so pleased that this has been popular with most readers as the old fellow still tugs at my heartstrings at times, he truly was a great guy and a real “character”.

Dad's last day, his last words were "Gooday Mate"
when Marcus walked into the ward. Ada, Marcus
and I sat with him as he passed away peacefully.

Chapter 8


We are sadly nearing the end of this story now as Dad resisted retirement until he was 85, he still fed horses and tended to their needs until the farm was finally sold.

Because of Dads love of poetry, I took him to a “poets muster” once, at 85 he entered the competition, and gave a creditable performance too.
He barracked for the eventual winner just as he must have done in his youth by clapping, whistling and stamping his feet loudly on the floor, talk about enthusiasm.

Dad must have been impressed by the poem I wrote to commemorate our trip to the family reunion, because when he read it years later he proudly said to Ada, “I wrote that,” I’m not sure he was ever convinced that I’d written it.

The last few years were spent in a lovely unit on the banks of the Tweed river at Tweed Heads.
He loved to sit and watch the people walking their dogs, joggers getting their exercise, the boats on the river, or as it’s only a couple of hundred meters from the river heads, the ever changing river itself, as the tides came and went.
He enjoyed nothing more than to be visited by his friends and family, and would spend hours reminiscing over old times.

He was 90 years old when he finally gave up, I can think of many, many friends, but I can’t think of a single enemy, that seems a fitting epitaph for Dad.

He used to tell me often how quickly I was catching up to him, “I used to be 25 times your age when you were born, now I’m not even twice your age.” he said when I turned 40 and he was only 65.

Dad passed away quietly at the John Flynn Memorial Hospital on the Queensland Gold Coast on January 20th 2002, Ada, Marcus and I were with him at the end.

His funeral service was conducted by my son Marcus, Dad would have been very pleased with the service and the roll up of good friends and his family.
He was right when he said “I’m not going then” he will live on forever.

A tribute to my Dad, Mervyn Holt

by a loving son, Peter Holt

Once again to stay with the formula I’ve used so far, this was how I closed the original series;

Well that's my "book" I hope you liked reading about my Father, to those of you who have chosen to comment, thank you, I wrote this very soon after his death, knowing that if I didn't do it then I probably never would, it was hard work at times then, and it still managed to touch a few raw nerves even now as I read and posted it.

Two lovers together forever.
Ada passed away just a little over a year after Dad
she had lost her will to live when she lost him.


DellaB said...

I am sure he 'wrote' it in his head, Peter.

Hey, I've been reading around the blogs that you would be back today, not at all surprised to find a post, you've done well.

tut tut though, for driving sleepy, you would be missed!

Have been following your progress on the journey home as well, guess you don't have too much chance of getting into 'mischief'?

sleep tight...

Marcus said...

Glad you're home safe and sound Pop. I noticed from the picture that today is the anniversary of Auntie Ada's death, the same day as Sophie's birthday, a good day to conclude Big Pa's story, well done for re-publishing it, and writing it in the first place.

I promise I will do the same for you when the time comes.

Hey, there was a disturbing story in the paper today about the release of a new album of previously un-released songs by Slim! Will they never let us rest in peace?

Did Freda do a little song and dance routine when you pulled into the driveway at Duke St, there should have been something significant after your marathon journey!

Jamie Dawn said...

I hope you've gotten a lot of rest since your return home. What a long, memorable trip you've had!!

Many, many, many miles...

I am thinking maybe your dadyreally DID write that poem. :)

It's people like him that we wish would live to be at least 100. The world (especially their families) never get enough of them.

c'est moi said...

That was a very touching memorial of your dad Peter. Thanks for sharing it with the world.

JunieRose2005 said...


I'm happy to hear you are safely home! Hope you're getting rested up!!

I enjoyed your story of your Dad's life very much.


John A. Karr said...

You've honored your Dad well. Keep writing. I came upon your blog by chance, but now I know a bit about you and your father, and have been reassured that humanity transcends geographic hemispheres.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Welcome Home Peter...

I tried to leave a comment earlier today, but I didn't seem to work. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed this series about your Dad...a beautiful tribute to him Peter. He surely was a pretty terrific guy, and it's obvious that you thought the world of him. It's heartwarming to see the obvious love in the look between Ada and your Dad. I see that it is exactly...to the day....4 years since Ada's passing. Did you plan to post your last post on this day, or was it just coincidence?

This was a special series Peter...one your Dad would have been proud to read.

Christina said...

Peter, I have really enjoyed "getting to know" your dad through your wonderful story. My grandmother recently passed away at the age of 90 - a ripe old age for someone who has live such a full life. Thank you once again for sharing this story with us, your faithful blog readers.

BTW, I haven't posted in a while myself, but finally got a new post up just today - stop by if you have time.

Lee said...

Welcome home, Peter. :) I can imagine how tired you must feel...just relax and catch up on sleep. You've covered a lot of territory, that's for sure, plus all the talking with people...that in itself is tiring...well, it is for me! ;)

Take it steady and all the best for the eye op on Tuesday. All will be well.

Jeanette said...

Hi Peter. Pleased to hear your safely home.sounds like you didnt get much rest on the way,next time book into a motel early. I enjoyed reading every word of this
beautiful tribute on your Dad life.
Just got a call from Donna, Ill be comming to Harvey Bay July 3 for a week. let you know more Peter when all booked.
Take care get plenty of rest before your eye operation. Jan

kenju said...

Peter, I am glad to know yuou are home safely. Get some rest now!

I really enjoyed reading about your dad; may he and Ada rest in

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ I am so glad you are safely home and was surprised you put a post on when you were so tired. The
benefit of having most of it in Draft
I had not seen that photo of Dad, Ada and Marcus so got a bit of a shock.
Take care and I will be relieved when you are over the next hurdle. Love, Merle.

Gwen said...

Hi Peter..
What a beautifu tribute to your dear "DAD"
Glad you arrived home safe and sound.
P.S.Thanks for your words of
encouragement re my blog

Duke_of_Earle said...

A wonderful tribute, Peter, that I've followed with some laughs and an occasional fought-back tear.

Hope you've gotten some much-needed rest.


Raggedy said...

*grabs tissues
Your book on your dad touched me deeply. Thank you so much for sharing him with us.
My thoughts and prayers are with you for your surgery. I hope you make a speedy recovery.
Thank you again.
Huggles and Love,

Raggedy said...

Welcome Home!

Anonymous said...

Peter, you have posted lots of interesting and facinating things about your father, your trip, and a life that is worth talking about. Thanks

Val said...

I'm with Raggedy, couldn't get to my tissue box fast enough. Fortunately I've got the house to myself so I don't have to answer questions as to why I'm sitting here in front of the computer with tears running down my cheeks. You have brought your dad alive again with your words, and that photo is just so beautiful.

Pamela said...

sigh.. not many could have written such a wonderful story about a father.

Margaret said...

Welcome Home Peter all the best for the eye op tomorrow. Great post.
Cheers Margaret

Meow said...

Welcome home, Peter ... glad you made it back safely.
Good luck with the eye operation ... hope it doesn't keep you from blogging too long !!
Wonderful story about your dad ... he sounds like he was an amazing man.
Take care, Meow

Merle said...

Hi again Peter ~~ Glad you are catching up with your blogroll and hope you won't be off the air too long. All the very best for the surgery and I would appreciate a very quick call to let me know you are home in one piece.Much love, Merle.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Jeez, Peter, you sure know how to end a story, with the reader needing a good supply of tissues.

What a wonderful man your father was and it's been a privilege and a pleasure reading your words about him.

Jeanette said...

Hi Peter Just popped back in to wish you all the best with your Eye operation. Take Care, Jan

audrey` said...

Hi Peter

All the very best for your eye op tomorrow.
Take care =)

wazza said...

Gidday ole' mate,
Nice having a chat to you last nite.
A final tribute to your Dad's story.
What a journey...not your journey, but the "I could write a book".
I remember the great place your Dad and Ada had by the Tweed River and the lovely service Marcus gave at Merv's funeral.
All the best for tomorrow and will ring you in the evening.

Jim said...

Hi Peter -- I'm glad you're home too. You had a nice, but tiring (??) trip, didn't you?
Those girls are always liking your vists and you help them so much with blogging issues too.

We just got home last night from my dad's funeral. We have a lot of catching up to do as well.

We too are joining the others with the best wishes and our prayers for you and the eye operation tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing your memories of your Dad with us. It was great! He was great! Dads are hard to live up to aren't they?

Sandy said...

Hey Marcus...You don't have to wait until your dad's death to write his story. I'm sure that Peter could give you some very interesting things to add to your story, but you have to ask him about those things now.

Peter...I'm glad you made it home from your trip safely and in one piece. And also thank you for stopping in to visit me even when I was absent and not feeling quite up to par.

Katherine said...

Well done, Peter. I so enjoyed reading about your Dad--the stories were funny and charming, just like I'm sure he was.