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Monday, March 26, 2007

2007 Trip to WA

The wedding trip 2007.

The black lines show the route of this trip

The stats for this trip were;

Feb 26th to Mar 24th - 26 days

11,600 klms (approx 7,500 miles)

980 litres fuel (approx 470 us glns)

average fuel consumption 32 M/P/Imp gln

Fuel cost $1,240.00

Traveling days;

Day 1 was a biggie 1700 klms due to the fact there was no
accommodation available at the town I had planned to stay
at, this added another 400 klm to the days drive.

Day 2 was an easy drive of 600 klm into Adelaide

Day 3 & 4 also biggie's 2,900 klm shared driving with

Day 5 only 300 klm up to Perth

Day 6 only 200 klm to Beverley

Day 7 about 1,200 klm including the EXTRA 500 klm to
Hyden twice.

Day 8 & 9 long days 3,000 klm to Adelaide again

Day 10 to Mildura 400 klm

Day 10 to Shepparton 500 klm

Day 11 & 12 to Gympie 1,700 klm

During the other 14 days I managed to attend the two

Spend 4 days at Busselton including a night out for
Carolyn’s birthday.

Five days at Ballajura, mainly at Bruce’s.

One day at Beverley.

And 4 days with Vicki & Rex at several locations.

Jacqui was also there for 3 days

And one day with Julie.

Then 2 days with Merle.

And a very quick visit with Jan

That’s only the bare bones of the trip of course;

I’ve already mentioned that the two weddings were very
good, my grand-daughters both looked lovely.

The Nullarbor crossing with Marcus as co-driver and Roo
spotter was excellent.

Saw all my grand children except Zac who is in England,
also saw my two great grand sons.

Jacqui and I and the four kids were together for the
first time in about twenty years, we now have what are
probably the only photos of us all together that exist.

We managed to be with Carolyn for her birthday.

We had nearly all the family together for a couple
more meals.

Had a pleasant visit with Neil and Joan, except for the
forgotten wallet and cell phone.

Had a very pleasant day with Julie at Mildura.

Had a nice visit with Merle which included a meal with two
cousins and their wives who I only see every couple of years.

A nice but brief visit with Jan that turned into a mini bloggers
convention when Donna and Gwen joined us.

And generally speaking had a great time!!

Donna Caz & Jan Jan & Gwen

Julie aka "The Navigator" (the one before Freda)


Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Great outline of your trip. That was a hell of a lot of driving - as you know. Glad you fitted us all in even for a little while. Hope you can stay longer next time. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Take care, Merle.

kenju said...

Peter, that trip was a HUGE undertaking and the fuel costs are staggering! I'll bet you have enough good memories to last a lifetime. I am glad to hear that you and your ex and kids all had photos made together. I know the children will treasure them forever.

Marti said...

Wow what a trip! I'm so glad you got to see your family and share in the joy of the weddings! It sounds like a wonderful journey (really long though!) And a mini blogger convention to boot - LOL

Sending you good wishes for peace and joy my friend.


Anonymous said...

That was a quick but detailed overview. I' sure there are lots of interesting stories in there.

Katherine said...

WOW! That is some major traveling. Very jealous.

c'est moi said...

How did your family end up so scattered Peter? or did I miss that post pre-big trip? BTW, a haul like that would fit you in nicely here in North America. I hope you had a big room ride to get you there and back ;-)

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ Having checked out your map adn all the places you visited... needless to say; "I WISH I HAD BEEN WITH YOU!" How great also that you got to visit some of the blogger buddies... very cool! And the family makes it all the BETTER! GREAT JOB! ~ jb///

Raggedy said...

I enjoyed the outline and pictures from your trip. It helped to understand how far your journey took you and all the places you were.
Thank you for sharing your adventure with us.
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

Jacqui said...

Hi Peter,
glad to see you are home safe again, and I hope all goes well today.
It certainly was great to have the time together with the kids, they do us both proud.
When you are able, you wont forget my Alan Jackson CD, will you, thanks jacqui

audrey` said...

Praying for you, Peter.
Take care.

Jeanette said...

Hi Peter, You traveled a lot of Ks with out having to add to it by leaving your phone and wallet behind and having to backtrack to retrieve it. Enjoyed your time here at the mini bloggers convention,IM glad you told me Julie had changed as i would never had recognised her.
Hope all went well with your eye operation today.

Take care, Just remember you said you will stay longer next time. Jan

JunieRose2005 said...

Oh,my goodness!

What a trip, Peter!

Hope all goes well for you today!


Pamela said...

It appears to be exhuasting. However, that being said, I wish I had been along. Co-pilot, navigator... whatever.

Rachel said...

What a fascinating trip you had Peter!! So many miles and all that cost for gas!! So wonderful you got to see everyone though. I have enjoyed reading your previous posts as well! Love those bottle trees!!

DellaB said...

thanks for posting the trip-map Peter, it really brings home the extent of the drive.. you did well.. and as for having a family catch-up, that's very special isn't it...