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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A one eyed view of the world.

This is as much as you want to see at the moment, bur at least it
proves I'm still alive.

Posted by "Pirate Pete" Oh aye lad, it's me Pirate Pete.

Thank you all very much for the well wishes, they were very much
appreciated, for someone like me who boasts of never being sick or
having been in Hospital in my life it came as a bit of a shock to have
to pay someone a fairly large wad of money to throw a handful of
sand into my left eye!!!!

That's what it felt like once the local anesthetic wore off, but praise
the lord for the local anesthetic though... having read the literature
on pteryguim (they damn near named the things after me by gum!)
surgery, I could see the hazy shapes coming towards my eye but
fortunately I couldn't see them clearly and more importantly I
couldn't feel anything.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my very good friend Jackie for
coming down to Coloundra, driving me home and looking after me
after the surgery, another friend, Margaret, who lives in Coloundra
met us and we had lunch together before heading for home.

Once the local wore off and the sand found my eye there was a few
hours where I had serious doubts that I had made the right choice
in having the op done, it's now 24 hours later and there is only a
very mild discomfort when I blink but as the eye is still very light
sensitive I have the eye patch on and the room as dark as practical,
typing this with one eye and two fingers is a new experience too.

There have been a few comments on posts while I was traveling
that warranted answers, I'll try to put some of them here, please
excuse the lack of links, you know who you are;

In no particular order.

Ann... The product you mentioned is probably the same one that
is marketed here as "Shoo Roo" supposedly scares the Roo's away
from the road with a super sonic noise only audible to animals,
but harmless to pets.. if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Jim... Wallaby's are to all intents and purposes small Kangaroos,
they vary in size from about the size of a cat and up to about 3 foot
tall when standing balanced on their hind legs and tail.

Robyn, Raggedy, Val... Sorry about the tissues girls, but I have some
Bowater- Scott shares and I need to keep them rising in value.

Marcus... Freda didn't throw any special celebration when she guided
me home to Duke Street, but she did have the sense to use the route
I would have chosen so we didn't need to debate the matter.

C'est Moi... The family was scattered over Australia by Divorce,
Marriage and the prevailing winds, we all started out in Victoria now
only my Sister lives there.

Joy, and anyone else who may have wondered... The Blog Awards were
decided on March 12th, Holtieshouse was sadly not the winner,
"the breakfast blog" was the section winner, see the top of my sidebar
for the address, thank you to all the folk who voted for my site.
BTW Joy and Marcus, it was a coincidence that the last of my Dad's
stories was posted on the anniversary of Ada's death, nice touch though.

Samantha... As you don't appear to be a blogger.. thanks for visiting.

Walker... We only have one town in Australia with legal brothels it's
Kalgoorlie in WA and I missed it by about 500 kms so didn't have to
avoid any collisions with hookers... just the Roo's.

Aimee... Thank you very much for visiting and "Hi" back to you.

Pamela... Just confirming your booking for the next trip as Co-Pilot,
Navigator (this should be a very easy job with Freda now installed)
the "Whatever" position sounds interesting, we must talk further
about this one.

Robyn... Freda doesn't have a saccharine voice or a strong accent
but we DO have an occasional CONVERSATION often ending with
me telling her to go to buggery, this came back and bit me on the
bum when I made a Freda type comment as Marcus and Carolyn
drove off for home... Carolyn wound down the window and said....
Go to buggery!

Lee... thanks for the advice to watch out and not get married while
enjoying all the weddings... twice bitten, thrice shy springs to mind.

Gwen... You're welcome! BTW did you notice you've made the
blogroll now??

Carolyn... How very fortunate you are to have such a good looking
neighbor!! Yes I saw Tuesdays with Morrie years ago and can see
the resemblance. Yes there are, or rather were, boxing Kangaroo's
that were trained to box, they used their front legs, which are quite
short, to pull their opponent in to them then balancing on their tail
would rake their opponent with their huge back legs and toe-nails,
an opponent to be feared when they stood up on their tails to about
7 feet tall, this is how the dominant male wins his position in the mob.

Hoss... I will give due consideration to livening up my Dad's story by
using your suggested opening line of "My Dad first got laid" we may
need to confer on openings for each chapter, thanks for your in-put.

2peter.... I think Sally sprang to mind from Satelite Sall, but Flamin'
Ridiculous Electronic Device Activation seemed a better fit eventually.

Cliff... While I'm a bit put out that you didn't reconsider your "Nut"
comment I am consoled by the fact that our Fathers seemed to think
alike in some ways, specially when it came to milking cows, my Dad
would milk a line for every last drop but wasn't keen on milking cows.

If I've missed anyone please put it down to having trouble with one
eye rather than being ignored for any other reason.


Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ So glad to see a post from you and the photo too. A couple
of my questions were answered -Jackie
picked you up and took you home and
Margaret also had a hand in there too. Thank you very much Girls.
The patch I expected, how long do you have to keep it on? And when do you go back for them to check it. If the sand gets too irritating, take a couple of Panadol. They will help and won't kill you. Take care, Love,Merle

Val said...

Peter, so you're a Johnny Depp wanna-be, eh!

kenju said...

Glad to know you pulled through, Peter! Someone in my family is going to Australia, and maybe New Zealand, on business. The lucky dog! Wish it was me!

Marcus said...

G'day Pirate Pop
Good picture. Glad all went ok, hope the irritation stops soon.

I enjoyed your run down of responses to comments, saves a lot of time that way.

Take care

Love Marcus

audrey` said...

Hi Pirate Peter
Yeah! You're feeling fine after the op.
Please take care =)

Cliff Morrow said...

This pic reminds me of the rear view of one of our tom cats walking away, "Ol One Eye" we call him.
Hope this is over quickly for you. Hey Peter, it's great that you have women to wait on you hand and foot. They seem to be falling all over themselves trying to care for you.
You must have inherited some of Dad's money. OR maybe it's the good looks.
Nah...it's the money.

Jim said...

Hi Peter, I sure am glad you came out of that ok!
Thanks too, for the answer. Mrs. Jim said they [wallaby's] were in the roo family.

Will the doctor let you drive? I had a patch on my eye for about a week and my depth perception went bye-bye till the patch came off.
Needless to say I wasn't pulling out in front of anythink within seeing distance.

Women are nice caretakers aren't they?

Lee said...

Peter...good to see you at the keyboard. I'm glad everything went well for you in the op., department. Where's your parrot? I hope you've got a bottle of rum hidden away somewhere there! ;)

Yo! Ho! Me 'ardies! ;)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Like the new look, Peter. Are you going to be in the next "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie?

Pterygia are nasty little beasties, but you have been out in the sun once too often without your sunnies, eh? My brother has a pterygium also (funnily enough his name's Peter, too) but his was small enough that wearing sunglasses and using certain eyedrops for a while shrunk it.

However, once the irritation goes, you'll be right and will have sharper vision that ever...lol,

Good to see you back!


Meow said...

Glad you came through the operation OK, Peter. How long do you have to wear the patch ?? Must be really annoying, guess you are restricted from driving for the time being ???
Hope the irritation subsides quickly.
Take care, Meow

Jacqui said...

Glad to see the eye op went well and you are back in good form.

Jeanette said...

Hi Peter,or should I call you Pirate Pete, Glad your operation went well for you and the sandy irritation eases quickly. Take care, Jan

Hale McKay said...

Glad to see the operation went well, Peter. Hopefully we'll be able to see eye-to-eye on things real soon.

Sorry about the eye reference, but I figured you could always use a little humor - even if it is so little.

Big Dave T said...

Arggghhhh, ye don't look like a very scary pirate. Ye need a scar or something. Maybe they shouldn't washed off the blood. I coulda used a mate with a patch on my boat. But to be a pirate, ya gotta be scary.

Anonymous said...

All you need is an ear ring. Glad it went well and hope it goes better.

Raggedy said...

Welcome Home!
I am glad the surgery went well and I hope you make a speedy recovery.

wazza said...

Gidday ole' mate,

I've gone out in sympathy with you and your eye. Go to my blog, you will see if you put both our photos together we'd be twins...even our mothers couldn't tell us apart.
(Now no smart arse comments...as I know this be a big temptation to you).

Walker said...

Hey that patch looks good on you but.........where's the parrot and the seeing eye stripper.

So umm does Kalgoorlie have their own airport :)

I hope your eye get to seeing better soon ,but you cab still wear the patch you know when you go out