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Thursday, March 22, 2007

My trip is winding down.

Some photos from the trip that may be of interest.

In the north of Australia there are lots of Boab Trees which we call Bottle Trees

On the Nularbor Plains on the Eyre Highway which crosses the continent from
east to west there is another famous Bottle Tree, travelers have been decorating
this old dead Mallee Gum for years, it is located many miles from anywhere
and provides some light relief for what some people find to be a boring trip.
(I don't fit into this category of traveler.)

Marcus and I came across this sign pointing to Holt Rock, it was a pretty
darn small rock when we finally found it. (enlarge photo and study the
rock grasped between thumb and forefinger.)

After even the lightest of showers there is a tinge of green along the edge
of the bitumen where the water drains from it, this is what lures the
kangaroos to the roadway, (even the rubber and distallate flavour that
must be there doesn't deter a hungry Roo.)

This is at Eucla which is only a fuel and accomadation stop at the
SA - WA border, again if you enlarge it you can get an indication
of the size of Australia.

The home stretch of my trip.

I have completed all but the last leg of my journey, having arrived safely at Shepparton where my sister Merle lives at about 4pm yesterday Tuesday March 20th, the plan is to spend a couple of days here then a quick catch up call at Jan’s before hightailing it for home.

I spent a few very pleasant hours with “the navigator”, Julie, in Mildura where she now lives, we relived a few old memories and caught up with what has been going on in each others lives for the last couple of years.

My adventures with the new “navigator” who I have decided to rename “Freda” (Flaming, or any other suitable F word, Ridiculous Electronic Device Activation) but she does tend to be very insistent about getting her own way, after all SHE is female!!

Just to relieve the boredom I had a conversation with a policeman who was on Highway Patrol coming into Adelaide, he pulled me over and claimed I was tail-gating him, I am many things but I’m not crazy enough to tailgate a marked Police car, he finally accepted my explanation that I was deciding whether or not I would overtake him as he was traveling at very close to the speed limit and I wasn’t sure enough about the accuracy of my speedometer to risk a ticket if it was a little out.

Merle and I also had a good catch up session and started a list of things to do to make her computing/blogging life more enjoyable and simple, so stay tuned for all sorts of new features if you read her blog.

Well OK that was an exaggeration… but there has been some` subtle changes like the new blog roll etc. and hopefully now enough confidence to post some photos??


Miss Cellania said...

Man, that is one long roadtrip! I've enjoyed reading about it. Love the bottle tree and the Holt Rock!

Val said...

That decorated tree looks like fun. I'll bet there were all sorts of "interesting" items on it!

Can't wait until hubby and I can do our grey nomad bit around Australia, although I don't know if I would like to have all the adventures you've had.

Samantha said...

A big Thank you for writing about your dad and his adventures. Both my parents are dead now and lived around about the same time that you have written about. I'm finding out what my parents would've gone through. Dad started out on the farm and Mum in the city (Perth). So please keep up the great work and I look forward to reading it everytime you update.

Lee said...

Great pictures, Peter and a great tale. I'm sure you have a lot more to tell us when you get back home to Gympie. I look forward to reading them. :)

Merle will be thankful for your help, I'm sure. Have a great time together you two! :)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Now Peter, I hope you and Merle behave yourselves. I don't think it would be a good thing to read in the national news about partying and similar goings on in Shepparton at the same time you were there!

You've sure covered a fair distance. Glad it's all gone well so far.

Look forward to the rest of your dad's story.


Jeanette said...

Hi Peter. like all your photo's in the outback, hahaha to the decorated bottle tree. Looking forward to catching up with you tomorrow for a chat and to see all the family wedding photo's.
Don't stay up too late chatting, you got a lot of Ks still left to travel.See you in the morning.

Walker said...

HA HA HA Holt Rock size of a kidney stone.
It must be something seeing so much country at once.
I have done some traveling on some of our provences.
We don't have to worry about Roos here but the bears, deer, moose and hookers can pop out of anywhere.

JunieRose2005 said...

Very interesting scenery, Peter. Loved the rock!!

Enjoy your visit with your sister.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Well, if you think of those signposts as giving kilometers (instead of miles), it's not quite so far. But I don't want to drive any of it.

Hale McKay said...

What a trip, Petey old man. Thanks for showing us the bottle tree and Holt rock.

Say hello to Merle.

Jim said...

Hi Peter. I just came from Merle's blog. I LIKE IT! I LIKE HER BLOGROLL NOW TOO! WONDER WHY?
I'll wish you a good trip. I know you two don't want the visiting to end.
And please don't run over any more wallabies, whatever they are?

Gwen said...

Hi Peter.
It was nice seeing you again hope you got home ok.

LZ Blogger said...

Peter - I loved the BOAB trees ... VERY COOL! Thanks! ~ jb///

Joy Des Jardins said...

You're looking pretty dapper Peter. Great picture of You and Holt Rock. Enjoy what's left of your trip...hugs to both you and Merle. I know Merle gets pretty frustrated with her computer problems. It's really great that you can help her out. Your a good brother Peter....

Raggedy said...

I enjoyed reading about your trip.
The photos are wonderful.
I enlarged the picture to see your little rock..I could not help but notice how BLUE the sky is. Wow!
Thank you for sharing your trip with us. I hope Merle can get some pictures posted.