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Monday, April 16, 2007

Blog Roll Photos Take 2

To finalize the rogues gallery photographs, unless some more
good ones come to light

I wasn't aware when I first posted these images that Jim has been
drawing his own likeness since he was a child, isn't it amazing how
accurately he saw himself?

I couldn't find a different image of Walker but I did find a better one,
click both pic's to see the difference.

Raggedy through the years, well maybe the first one is excluded from
that statement.

Here's a more up to date Big Dave... a Goofy one and one without...
hey I didn't say he'd matured.

Here's TLP with the groundhog and without him, same comment on maturity.

Managed to get a photo of Joy instead of just the pieces.

Judy wanted us to see that unlike some others she HAS matured and still lookin' lovely too.

And just to prove that Jules looks every bit as good without that blue bra... err... that didn't come out quite right, but she's lovely anyway.

Even though Pamela sent me the first photo, I've gotta say the second one looks better... NO not because we can't see much of her face, don't put words into my mouth, I can get into enough trouble on my own thanks.

Lois Lane from 5 to??? 25??? a brief try out as a redhead and with her Mom and Lane 1

Carolyn didn't like the "silly smile" on the first one, both are beautiful.

Cliff told me of the amazing resemblance that Tom Sellick had to him and I must admit it is uncanny.

Rachel was also kind enough to point out that if I found a photo of Reese Witherspoon most people wouldn't be able to tell them apart, again I am amazed by the uncanny likeness.

Sorry to say Mike I still couldn't find a better picture of you, but this one has class, just as you do.

Here's OL' Hoss after the operation to remove his Siamese twin, lookin' good buddy.

Trucker Bob is shown here in his normal guise, just before a similar operation to Hoss' to remove Big Bear from his side. Hope that trip is a lulu buddy.

This one of Ann aka Granny is included because she couldn't view the collage she was in last time because her browser is playing up.

Wouldn't seem right without another collage would it? so here it is.

I was tempted to post some more true to life images of Wazza too but then I realized that would only be torturing my innocent readers and probably causing them to have nightmares so I decided to refrain from doing that.


Cliff Morrow said...

I'm glad you've done this Peter, now folks will know what I meant. That's me on the left? Isn't it??

These have been pure entertainment. Thanks for not having much to do.
p.s. Rachel was in the same boat I was.

wazza said...

Thanks Peter, you no doubt have seen the attention I get when people notice the resemblance between moi and Brad Pitt or is it Jimmy Durante? (I tend to get these two mixed up).
Now no smart arsed comments!!

kenju said...

A good update to the photos, Peter. I like most of them,,,,LOL

No_Newz said...

That's 5 to 34, but who's counting. ;)
Thanks for including me.

Pamela said...

uh... I starred in Planet of the Apes. ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

you didn't go back far enough. I did have a full face pix in November.

not in my monkey suit either.

Hale McKay said...

Okay, Peter.

Seeing as that picture "of me" manages only to display my taste in neckties, I have sent you one in the e-mail.

Vickie said...

Peter---I always smile when I visit here. You remove that tired feeling and one of these days I'll just share that photo "You" have been waiting for.....Oh don't ask our friend Walker which one it might be that I am sending cause well I would not want him to send it for me.

Thank you for always visiting and leaving such supportive comments even if I have been away. You area sweetie.

Susan said...

Hi Peter,
Great idea. Its nice to put faces to some of these bloggers, that I see mostly by their comments. Ill have to take time to go visit some of their sites when I get the chance.

Big Dave T said...

Ooops. Sent you the wrong picture. I meant to send you the one I took with Minnie Mouse. Oh, well. It's still me.

Joy said...

Ah yes, now I remember why I don't have a pic of me on my blog...but Bella looks great. Thanks Peter...

OldHorsetailSnake said...

You're an absolute whiz, Peter. Many congratulations.

Jim said...

Hey Peter, where have I been lately [Mrs. Jim and I know]? Anyway thanks a lot for posting my pics. Your annotatation was great!
If, and whenever, I find the picture that used to be able to draw of my horse I will post that too.
Oh yes, the others are fine too!

Meow said...

Those are great, Peter.
Thanks, Meow