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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Toilet Humor.

When there's nowhere else to go.... There's always Toilet Humor.

So let's start off with a "Down Under Dunny"

Before the advent of sewerage every home

had the outback toilet, often referred to as a

"Dunny" in Australia.

We also referred to our

country out-houses as

"the long drop" for fairly

obvious reasons

Not quite a typical

Australian dwelling

but an ideal example

for the need for

"Long Drops"

A long drop of a

completely different


For those with a

need to go while

"on the go"

So to speak.

I am unsure of the pleasure factor

that might, or might not, be

involved with this model.

The Aussie Dunny.

Poor old Granddad's passed away, cut off in his prime,
He never had a day off crook - gone before his time,
We found him in the dunny, collapsed there on the seat,
A startled look upon his face, his trousers round his feet,

The doctor said his heart was good - fit as any trout,
The Constable he had his say, "foul play " was not ruled out,
There were theories at the inquest of snakebite without trace,
Of redbacks quietly creeping and death from outer space,

No-one had a clue at all - the judge was in some doubt,
When dad was called to have his say as to how it came about,
"I reckon I can clear it up," said dad with trembling breath,
"You see it's quite a story - but it could explain his death."

"This here exploration mob had been looking at our soil,
And they reckoned that our farm was just the place for oil,
So they came and put a bore down and said they'd make some trials,
They drilled a hole as deep as hell, they said about three miles,

Well, they never found a trace of oil and off they went, post haste,
And I couldn't see a hole like that go to flamin' waste,
So I moved the dunny over it - real smart move I thought,
I'd never have to dig again - I'd never be "caught short",

The day I moved the dunny, it looked a proper sight,
But I didn't dream poor Granddad would pass away that night,
Now I reckon what has happened - poor Granddad didn't know,
The dunny was re-located when that night he had to go,

And you'll probably be wondering
How poor Granddad did his dash--
Well, he always used to hold his breath –
Until he heard the splash ! !

Author unknown.

It has since come to my attention that the author is no longer unknown...

Poem Title: Poor 'Ol' Grandad
From Poor 'Ol' Grandad - Australian Bush Poetry by Grahame Watt - 2001
Grahame "Skewiff" Watt
Email: skewiff80@npes.net.au

And finally, I'm still not getting
the email notification of
comments made on my blog.

I know of three instances of
this and they all are with
netspace as the ISP so it
appears there is some
conflict between blogger
and netspace, i'm hoping
they resolve this quickly.


Walker said...


I don;t care how bad I had to go, there is no way I would stick my butt of the side of a cliff even if it was inside a box.
With my luck it would have been chili night at the pub and I'd blow myself over the edge with one squeeze and holding my breath wouldn't help me one bit asd the outhouse was screaming towards the ground
Actually it wouldn't be the outhouse screaming it would probably be me in the outhouse screaming.

Have a nice day

Pamela said...

You did it. YOu made me laugh out loud sitting here in the dark. scared The Contessa (my cat)

As far as your Email problem, it is probably the monkey's curse. (:

Lee said...

lol good one, Peter.

Val said...

Hee hee, love the photos.

I've written to Netspace again. Here's their email if you want to write yourself: helpdesk@netspace.net.au

JunieRose2005 said...

Loved the poem! very funny!


Jeanette said...

Hi Peter. Great Poem on the outback Dunny.
Oh there sooo smelly I would give them a wide berth on our trips threw the outback.
ill be in Hervey bay first week july let you know dates soon as Donna books everything.

Anonymous said...

It's the first I've heard of a dunny, but I must admit it funny.

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ Is that cliff DUNNY shot REAL? That is just TOO MUCH! That would literally scare the CRAP right out of me! ~ jb///

Carolyn said...

Funny Dunny stuff!! LOL! And lmao at Jerry above ;D

Monica said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by with prayers for the girls. There's no logic in teen thinking when a child will cross a street for a coke after just leaving a Taco Bell, but we're just thrilled they are safe and Daphne is mending well.

Christina said...

That poem is hilarious! Good pics, too.

Jack K. said...

Loved the dunny poem.

I have an answer to the cartoon about the computer difficulty.

Get a Mac. tee hee.

Meow said...

Hey Peter, love those dunnies !!! Not sure about the one with the tongue, though !?!?!
I seem to miss out one some email comments, too ... but not many, so I don't usually worry about it too much.
Hope it sorts itself out.
Take care, Meow

Margaret said...

Well genuine "lavatorial" humour who would have guessed? I could possibly have seen many of the outdoor dunnies. Not very likely I will ever see the one on the cliff.
Cheers Margaret

Anonymous said...

check out my version of Aussie dunny, http://wwwmychallenge.blogspot.com

had a good laugh at yours.