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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Thinking Bloggers

I have received two nominations for “thinking blogger award” I’m not
sure whether that entitled me to select 10 other blogs or 5, so I
decided on 5 not wanting to be greedy about it.

Robyn @.


Pamela and ME2 @


Were the lovely ladies who nominated me, thank you girls.

My nominations are;


As an Australian I decided that I should look for a fellow Aussie to nominate for the thinking blogger award, Lee’s blog fit this category nicely, it’s well written, varied enough to hold ones interest and make one think.


Cliff Morrow’s blog is a natural for a nomination for the thinking blogger award, Cliff’s homespun philosophy and humor make each visit a pleasure.


Katherine has all the attributes needed to qualify her blog for this award, her humor and hard hitting commentary on current events make an ideal mix.


Janine is another philosopher that never fails to get my interest, she is down to earth and a very witty lady, just what a thinking blogger should be.


Wonder of wonders, I just went to check on Pamela’s blog to see if it justified one of my 5 votes for thinking blogger, only to find that her alter ego ME2 had voted for holtieshouse, anyone with that much taste deserves support so Pamela and ME2 get a vote.

It is most fortunate that I don't consider this a meme, as I don't do

Thinking blogger

Congratulations, you won a

Should you choose to participate, please make sure you pass this list of rules to the blogs you are tagging. I thought it would be appropriate to include them with the meme.

The participation rules are simple:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,
3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote (here is an alternative silver version if gold doesn't fit your blog).

Link back to whoever nominated you.


Walker said...

I wish you luck and your blog does make me think alot especially with some of the pictures you put up "wink"

Have a Happy Easter

Granny said...


Christina said...

Stopping in to say hi! LOL at the duck decoy cartoon in your last post.

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ At first I thought it read "STINKING Bloggers" and I was going to nominate myself... but now that I CLEARLY see it says "THINKING" I renege... I would just have to remove the nomination and disqualify myself anyway! ~ jb///
P.S. The only one of those (that you nominated) that I read is Cliff's and I agree! [GOOD CHOICE!]

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ One more thing... on your previous post with the shoe salesmen cartoon... my answer if I was that salesman... "ANYTHING goes with THOSE!" ~ jb///

Cliff Morrow said...

Well I'm humbled to have been mentioned by you Peter. Or...that could just be hunger. One or the other. I suppose I'm required to do something with this nomination. My problem is, probably the same as yours, we don't read folks who don't make us think. If I have em blogrolled, I read em.
Great news about your eye. We can't have you without sight. Your sight has found and produced some pretty entertaining pics over time.

Rachel said...

Congratulations on your award!!

Pamela said...

oh my... after all those naughty things I said about you being old and all.... and you still are same sweet old peter!!!!

Glad you have a wonderful sense of humor... of course I knew that or I wouldn't have been sic'n ME2 on you. She's a brat, that one.

I enjoy your blog - so I"m sure I'll enjoy those others you have invited us to go visit.

(so many blogs, such a small chair.)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Glad you appreciated the nomination...I appreciate the sometimes naughty humour in yours!

Hope the long weekend isn't running out too quickly.

Have a good one.

Jim said...


I'm glad you bestowed those with the honor. I only know Cliff and Poopie and those two surely do deserve theirs!

Raggedy said...


Katherine said...

Thanks so much for the shout out! I am truly honored. Mucho congratulations to you as well. You absolutely deserve it.