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Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Blog

I was just sitting here ruminating, (no wait on that’s what cows do isn’t it?) I’ll try… thinking, about what little gem of wisdom I could drop into the blog pool today when it came to me that while at times the quality is spread pretty thin at holtieshouse there is at least a fair bit of variety.

While I try to keep an underlying theme of humor a quick browse of my last 20
posts will substantiate my claim of variety:

There was a fashion review of a new range of underwear/swimwear.

A humble post about the number of visitors to holtieshouse.

A True Stories Series covering a diverse range of subjects from, sheep, cars,
house painting, dogs, and fossilized old poop.

Recognition of my quirkiness and my perfection.

Profound observations about a group of young people…. NO, not stalking.

Celebration of rain in a parched land.

A visit by Wazza, always worthy of a post.

A poignant look at the disappearance of a local lad 3 years ago.

A look at a typical Aussie town.

A “tear-jerker” we need to flush our sinuses and emotions at times.

A humorous visit to a chat room.

A pictorial look at some odd vehicles.

A pictorial look at some life threatening situations.

A humorous look at life.

Well OK we can spot a few instances where inspiration was a bit lacking but
never-the-less its hard to deny there is variety a plenty.

There is something here that keeps a loyal band of fellow bloggers visiting,
I am always aware of, and amazed by that fact, especially knowing that so many
of my posts could well begin with; “I’ve got nothing.” such a lot of what I put
into holtieshouse is spur of the moment stuff that just seems to grow… like Topsy.

While I find that I cannot compete with those of my buddies who are “Writers”
or those who are truly “Funny” I do take heed of what these talented people have
to say and my life (and perhaps even my blog) becomes a little better for it,

I thank them for their efforts.

Two Irish Pigs.

Paddy and Paddy, two Irishmen, went out one day and each bought a pig.

When they got home, Paddy turned to Paddy and said, "Paddy, me ol' mate, how we gonna tell who owns which pig?"

Paddy says "Well Paddy, I'll cut one a ta' ears off my pig, and ten we can tell 'em apart"

"Ah tat'd be grand" says Paddy.

This worked fine until a couple of weeks later when Paddy stormed into the house. "Paddy" he said "Your pig has chewed the ear offa my pig. Now we got two pigs with on one ear each. How we gonna tell who owns which pig?"

"Well Paddy" said Paddy "I'll cut ta other ear off my pig. Ten we'll av two pigs and only one of them will av an ear"

"Ah tat'd be grand" says Paddy.

Again this worked fine until a couple of weeks later when Paddy again
stormed into the house. "Paddy" he said "Your pig has chewed the other ear offa my pig. Now we got two pigs with no ears!" "How we gonna tell who owns which pig?"

"Ah tis is serious, Paddy" said Paddy "I'll tell ya what I'll do. I'll cut ta tail offa my pig, ten we'll av two pigs with no ears and only one tail."

"Ah tat'd be grand" says Paddy.

Another couple of weeks went by, and you guessed it, Paddy stormed into the house once more. "PADDY!" shouted Paddy "YOUR FOOKIN PIG HAS CHEWED THE FOOKIN TAIL OFFA MY FOOKIN PIG AND NOW WE GOT TWO FOOKIN PIGS WITH NO FOOKIN EARS AND NO FOOKIN TAILS !! HOW THE FOOK ARE WE EVER GONNA TELL 'EM APART?!"

"Ah fook it!" says Paddy "How's about you have the black one, and I'll have the white one."

Editors note;

“Ah tat’d be grand “ I think


Christina said...


BTW, I also loved the last post explaining life. makes some sense, no?

Granny said...

That's one of the funniest things I've heard in a while.

Your blog reminds me of Forrest Gump and the box of chocolates. I never know what I'm going to find.

kenju said...

Too funny! and I have know some people in my life who were just about that dumb!

Lee said...

It's because you're contagious, Peter...or should that be "addictive", that we keep coming back! ;)

Cliff Morrow said...

You are what blogging is supposed to be Peter. Keep it Up!!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Are you fishing for compliments, Peter? I came over to have a look at your blog because Merle told me too. Somehow I keep coming back, so...you must be infective...sorry contagious...or whatever.

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ Variety vs money? You can have both... they are called denominations: $5's $10's $20's $50's and $100's! As for the JB comment... I do think one may have something to do with the other! ~ Buy I had my JB LONG before they had theirs! ~ Have a great week Peter! ~ jb///

Dave said...

*LOL* Loved that joke Peter!

Jeanette said...

Hi Peter, The black and White pig was very funny, Had a good laugh. See u soon

Jack K. said...

Loved the joke. In the US they would have made that a couple of guys from Arkansas or such.

I am a mood to suffer for my fellow passengers on space ship earth, so you can send your money to me.

A random thought as I was reviewing your list of posts. There were a couple I would like to visit. Is it possible to link them for our random perusal?

Just a thought, not a demand.


Walker said...

You ave plenty of variety and very funny most of the time unless you choose otyherwise.
The life of your blog is what you make it and ZI come here because I enjoy reading what you post.

LOved the Pig joke

Have a nice day.

Meow said...

Your blog is like a lucky dip ... one never knows what one will find !!
Love the pig joke ... hahahaha ...
Hope you are well.
Take care, Meow

Pamela said...

bwaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha hahaa....
ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I can't wait to tell that one at work.