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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A present for me.

A few days ago those of you who read my sister Merle's blog may recall
that she mentioned having bought a gift for her brother... thats me...
It arrived this morning and it is a lovely image of Marilyn Monroe, it is
an image set in a block of clear plastic complete with colored lighting,
it depicts that most famous pose of Marilyn's standing on the grid of
the subway with her dress blowing around her hips as the train went
through below her.

This is the gift in question posed here in front of one of the many pictures
of Marilyn that I have it was quite hard to photograph, if I used flash it
washed the image out and if I used no flash the image was dark and often
blurred by camera movement.

The other shrine to Marilyn is in a spare bedroom.

These other pictures are in response to a post that Robyn (Kat's Cradle)
did about what adorns your walls, this group in the dining room includes
photos of my Dad and Step mother and my ex, Julie.

This is the very first of my Son Marcus' paintings, he has experimented
with many different styles but this and the next one are my favorites.

This is a tapestry that Julie did for my Dad many years ago, his love of
horses was the inspiration for this.

These are "bark paintings of two of my favorite Country Music Artists
which were done by a friend here in Gympie.

A glazed plaque of a vase of daisies that I like.

A picture of the "Duke" that adorns my living room wall along with the
previous two pictures.

A pottery hanging vase filled with imitation daises.


Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Glad you liked the gift
and sorry it was difficult to photograph. Maybe I should have got
the lace doiley. I enjoyed seeing some of the things in your house again. Take care, Cheers, Merle.

JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Peter,

That was a very nice gift from your sister! (I never knew you had this big thing for Marilyn! ;) )

I enjoyed seeing all of your wall hangings>


Rachel said...

Very sweet gift from your sister. I loved seeing all the things you have in your home on the walls. You even have 'the Duke,' and I love the horse!! Very nice Peter!!!

TLP said...

This is fun, seeing your things. Thanks!

Marilyn Monroe and John Wayne, they don't make'm like that anymore.

kenju said...

I have always thought that Marilyn Monroe was a most beautiful woman, especially sans make-up.

Marcus's paintings are nice. The top one reminds me of some I used to do in college.

Jeanette said...

Hi Peter, I love your gift from Merle.nice seeing all the walls
around your house,see u soon

Gwen said...

Hi Peter.
I enjoyed your walls of photos etc.
The Marilyn from Merle was lovely
Dont forget send Jan home the same way you recieved her talk soon.
P.S.Have a great visit with her.

Pamela said...

Marilyn Monroe. I had no idea you were a MM fan. I love John Wayne, too.

I love your art. great wall hangings.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hey Peter, I love all your MM pictures...even my youngest daughter at the age of 15 was a MM fan and her daughter (now aged 15 also) is also a MM fan.

Love those paintings your son did, he's very talented.

Dave said...

Gotta love a guy who loves Marilyn Monroe and The Duke!!!

Miss Cellania said...

What a nice gift for a fan! I like the other stuff, too.

Walker said...

That's very nice and special when you get it from someone you love and loves you.
I had a friend who collected everything and anything related to her.
I remember once he went to new Yourk and came back with no clothes in his suitcase because he needed the room for the Marilyn stuff her got.
He has since past away, way to young at 30 but I know looking at her made him happy.

Now I am a BIG John wayne fan and have many of his movies in my library.

Those are nice paintings by your son alot of color
Have a nice day

Lee said...

Wonderful gift from Merle, Peter. Great other pics, too.

You lot behave yourself on the weekend. I won't be there to control you all! ;)

Meow said...

What a great gift from Merle.
I love seeing what you have on your walls, Peter ... you have some wonderful things.
Thanks for sharing.
Hope all is well in your world.
Take care, Meow

Jamie Dawn said...

The paintings are abstract and cool.

You've got a lot of interesting wall decor.

Having a shrine to Marilyn isn't a bad thing, She was such a beauty. Her level of glamour is very hard to imitate. Hollywood these days doesn't quite have the same classic glamour of Old Hollywood.

Val said...

I think you did quite well photographing that, Peter, it's difficult capturing something shiny. It's a lovely image of Marilyn, and a great present!