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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Is there rain coming?

How is this for a sign of rain.

Is it going to rain.... EVER???

There are plenty of clouds about but that often doesn't bring rain.

As usual the sky looks pretty though.

The ants are back in my water meter box, it's chock a block full.

They are also building parapets around their nests.

From close up these don't look like they will repel the flood but who can tell? if you are a tiny little ant it's probably beyond you to do much better than this. The ants have not re-invaded my kitchen which might mean their indoor invasions are seasonal rather than prompted just by wet weather.

Well I've written a post about rain, I have done the laundry on a cloudy day, I am now going to wash my car.... that's about my lot,
over to you Lord!!

Language barrier.

A Russian woman married am Australian gentleman and they lived happily together in Sydney.
However, the poor lady was not very proficient in English, but did manage to communicate with her husband.

The real problem arose whenever she had to shop for groceries.

One day, she went to the butcher and wanted to buy chicken legs.
She didn't know how to put forward her request, and in desperation, clucked like a chicken and lifted up her skirt to show her thighs.

Her butcher got the message, and gave her the chicken legs.

Next day she needed to get chicken breasts, again she didn't know how to say it, and so she clucked like a chicken and unbuttoned her blouse to show the butcher her breasts!

The butcher understood again, and gave her some chicken breasts.

On the 3rd day, the poor lady needed to buy sausages.Unable to find a way to communicate this, she brought her husband to the store...

(Please scroll down)













What were you thinking?

Hellooooooo, her husband speaks English!

I don't know about you sometimes!


Val said...

Peter, I can tell you right now that even having a whole clothes hoist full of washing does NOT bring on the rain - I've tried it.

On the forecast tonight they said a lot of rain was coming Queensland's way - hope that comes true.

Meow said...

Hope the rain comes your way soon. It's quite frightening how little rain the country is getting.
Have a great week.
Take care, MEow

kenju said...

Peter, when my daughter was in AU in early May, it rained nearly the whole time she was there. Have you not had rain since then?

We are in a moderate drought and today it is drizzling for the first time in about 30+ days. Hope you get some too.

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ I have not had any trouble with the Vista system - it's
just an update on Windows XP. Apart from the modem taking a while to get the right one, no problems.
Cheers, Merle.

Anonymous said...

Peter, hope you get some of that rain. You got me on the little joke.

Willowtree said...

Good luck with the rain, we've had a few minor falls over the past couple of weeks. Just enough to green things up a little.

Cliff Morrow said...

May your dreams be awash with rain. May your ants all drown or float downhill.
May you find some more jokes of that calibre.

Walker said...

If I cxould send you the rain we have been getting i would.
You could send me that russian wife to teach me english LOL

Have a nice day

Jack K. said...

Great photos.

Tomorrow we are planning to wash both of our vehicles. I hope it will do you some good.

jules said...

I'd be HAPPY to send you some rain. We've had rain EVERY day for a month. We're ready to build an ark here!

Rachel said...

What a funny joke!!!

Pamela said...

stick people are so great!!

love em.

I'm just so disappointed with that punch line. I'm not sure what I expected.

Poetry said...

14 June 2007

Of Fly Catchers and hidden lakes.

Of sleeping lizards and morning dew.

It is of birdsong and misty dawns

and fleeced clouds floating in a still pool.

The waters ripple awake in the gathering morn.

The first water birds head out for the far shore.