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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Day’s 10 & 11;

We got a fairly early start this morning and got into Dubbo in plenty of time to spend 4 hours at the Western Plains Zoo, I don’t want to sound too critical…. But…. Australia Zoo is much better, perhaps its just the “Steve” factor??

They are quite different from one another, with Western Plains having a larger range of animals, (including my favourites, Giraffes) but for presentation Australia Zoo is a hands down winner in my book.

When we booked into the Park we were given discount vouchers for a meal at the Railway Bowls Club which has a very good buffet meal, we went there last night and SERIOUSLY over ate, everything was just so good, at least that made todays meals simple as we still were not hungry.

There are quite a few white Rhino’s.

The ever sleepy Koala doing his favourite thing.

The Emu is the lesser known of the two animals on our coat of arms, the worlds second largest (flightless) bird.

An American Bison (Buffalo)

A very sleepy Tiger, it was a pretty warm day at 30 degrees Celsius, so a lot of the animals were taking it easy in the shade.

The majestic stance of this Giraffe does much to reinforce the view that the same committee that designed the Australian Platypus may have been involved with the Giraffe.

Again an early start and a morning at the historic old Dubbo Gaol before moving on to Denman, once again traveling through some beautiful country, there have been good rains in this part of NSW but they are wanting some more very soon to finish crops and give the summer pastures a good start.

Another slant on “The Long Drop” please go here for the other http://holtieshouse.blogspot.com/2007/04/toilet-humor.html

At the front gate for a brief visit to the old gaol.

Wazza looking very much at home looking through the grille in the door.


Tomorrow we have a treat, two bloggers to meet, this is something I always look forward to.

Mae of the Dae.

If I asked for a cup of coffee, someone would search for the double meaning.
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Jeanette said...

Hi Peter,looks like your having a wonderful time touring NSW and Love all your holiday snaps.

Alan and I enjoyed our trip to Dubbo zoo a few years ago.
trying to post this comment on old puter. Take care safe driving.. Jan

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Nice to see you back again. The zoo has a few nice animals
We never have had the time to go and have a look. The photos have been very nice all through. Expect you will be home soon. Fires have started early in NSW, thanks to arsonists.
Fancy Marcus giving OUR Dixons Creek to Jacqui !! Remember I used to find a lot od four leaved clovers there.
Take care, Safe travelling. Love, Merle.

Willowtree said...

Never been to either place but now I'm inspired.

Are you back home yet? It was nice to see you blokes.

Cliff said...

Wow what a trip. Wazza's pic is kind of unsettling. The zoo looks to be outstanding even without Steve. Glad you two have had a good go of it.

Sandy said...

I've had the pleasure of eating two of those zoo animals. The bison and the emu.