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Monday, November 05, 2007

A Chance encounter?

Some people have all the luck.

Hey you know how this is gonna turn out with my luck.

A Chance encounter?

For anyone who read Wazza’s comment about a chance encounter I had in Perth…. he seemed to think that this was newsworthy… to me it was more of an everyday occurrence… Yeah, along with the flying pigs!!!

My son Bruce picked me up at the Airport when I arrived in Perth, Bruce manages the bar at the social Baseball club where his two sons play, this is an honorary position but he takes it seriously thus we needed to stop of at a hotel to purchase some cartons of grog for the bar that weekend.

While Bruce attended to this a car pulled up alongside his, where I was sitting, a young lady, probably about 30 years old, said hello and struck up a conversation, as she looked vaguely familiar I presumed she was a friend of some member of my family that I had met, perhaps years ago? she offered me her phone number and then, seeing Bruce, asked if he was my son, commenting that he was also quite handsome when I said that he was.

She then handed Bruce the piece of paper with her name ‘Lou” and her phone number on it, they exchanged a few words then she drove off.

When Bruce returned to the car I asked him who she was…. he didn’t have any idea, so as I came across all the other family members I asked them if they knew the mysterious Lou… none of them did.

I am now left with the mystery of who she was…. if in fact we had met before, or whether she just took a wild fancy to me…. or was it Bruce???

I suppose the easy way to solve this would have been to ring the number and ask, but now I am on the other side of the country and it doesn’t seem so important… besides Bruce has the number.

Now for those of you who have seen the imposing figure that I cut, does it seem strange that an attractive young lady might want to “chat me up”???

no , I thought not, so there Wazza!!!!!!

Also regarding his query as to who Paula was (the young lady who drove me to the Airport when I left Perth) she is the Lady friend that Bruce escorted to Alan’s party, I was impressed that she offered the ride to someone she had only met very briefly twice before, a very nice gesture I thought.


willowtree said...

Turn the card over, there should be more info on the back, you should at least see her rates there.

Trucker Bob said...

Hi Peter. Been so long since I've visited that I wondered if I should throw my cap in first, and wait to see if it gets thrown back out. So far, so good. *S*

Managed to get signed into your Guestbook. Great idea!

Jack K. said...

You smooth talking rascal you.

Apparently the ladies know class when the see it.

I think Wazza was correct, this is newsworthy.

Thanks for sharing, you lucky guy.

PS: next time show photos.

That wasn't her on the airplane, was it?


kenju said...

It's not often that I laugh out loud this early in the morning, but I did. Willowtree's comment was hilarious!!

JunieRose2005 said...

:) give the girl a call, Peter!

Junie Rose

Marcus said...

I think Willowtree may be on to something there Pop!
Did you have your wallet out at the time?... Oh hang on, I forgot, you don't take your wallet anywhere any more!!

Margaret said...

Hi Peter, I told Warren that he should not let you go out without him, you may be a good chick magnet.Marcus is very funny with his wallet comment,never misses an opportunity does he.
It will not surprise you to know I am having trouble yet again I am so over it. Cannot use my email service yet again.
Cheers Margaret

Puss-in-Boots said...

Is that where the term "Fatal Attraction" comes in? Smirk...sorry!

Cliff said...

Peter: It might not be your drop dead good looks but rather the money hanging out of every pocket.

Cliff said...

Me again Peter, in answer to your question, the 10 or 11 billion bushels of corn raised in the U.S. each year mainly ends up as cattle feed. Simple answer but most of it is used to make other products first before being hauled to feedlots. ie corn syrup, ethanol, bio degradable plastics, and the list is endless and growing.

Walker said...

Hey, they girl likes what she sees. what's wrong with that.