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Friday, November 02, 2007

Some house-keeping.

I was NOT lucky enough to sit next to this young lady during my recent flights.

Some house-keeping.

During the week that I was away several things happened that I will try to tidy up with this house-keeping post.

The Commercial Hotel that used to have all the lady’s adorning the outer walls, while not yet opened as the restaurant I mentioned, is getting very close to finished and is looking very smart too.

The Royal Hotel down on the next corner has reopened, the renovations here were quite extensive, it has been closed down for about six months but chose the week I was away to reopen.

The new Hungry Jacks (Burger King in the States) store sprang up from a vacant lot also while I was away, looks to be only weeks away from opening, I prefer their burgers to MacDonalds but I like Macca’s breakfast menu when I’m traveling.

Before leaving Brisbane to return to Gympie I arranged to have lunch with a fellow blogger, Robyn, we caught up with the news of the last six months or so since we met before, Robyn tempted me to stay over another night as she was having a wine tasting at her home today (Friday) I reluctantly turned down the offer as I was anxious to get home…. Next Time Robyn.

Just to keep everyone happy here is Robyn sans sun-glasses.

I must take this chance to thank all the folk who wished Alan a Happy Birthday via this blog, and also to thank all the family for accommodating me, running me around, giving me food and liquid refreshments and generally being a lot of fun to be with, a special thanks to Paula for taking me to the airport at Perth…. above and beyond the call of duty!!!

I must not forget to mention Wazza, who delivered me to and picked me up at the Brisbane Airport and gave me a bed as well, it is a blessing to have good friends.

The trip to Perth was mainly about helping Alan celebrate his 50th but of course it also provided the opportunity for the whole family to get together, we did a fair bit of this getting together on the Sunday after the party, seems nobody wanted to break the spell by leaving so we soldiered on until quite late before Marcus and Carolyn, who still had a three and a half hour trip in front of them had to leave.

I can’t remember an occasion when there has been so much laughter and so many stories (mainly funny) told in our family, and we are not a family who hold back on the fun at other times.

On the Monday, Walter, Jacqui, Vicki and I drove about 150 klm to inspect a tractor that Vicki’s son Daniel wants to buy, during the trip there and back we tormented Walter mercilessly about his Toyota twin cab ute, which was both noisy and rough riding but it got us there and back.

The tractor turned out to be a beauty, the farmer who owns it has a model farm…. absolutely everything in spotless condition, a man you could confidently buy anything from as it would have been maintained perfectly, it’s a John Deere 8220 and destined to be the second tractor, doing weed spraying with a 100 foot boom spray, light cultivation and hauling the chaser bin around during harvest to allow the header to keep working.

Sorry about all the detail for those of the non-farming fraternity, but I figured that Cliff and a few others would be interested, it has auto steer a special independent front suspension and a seat that is a dream to sit on… the cabin moves around but the seat stays constantly where it is, I offered to drive it home for him (2000 klm) just for the comfort of the ride, but it seems he wants to use it before February 2008.

No definite decision has been made yet but it seems likely Daniel will buy this tractor, not a decision to be made lightly as we are talking about $90,000 by the time it is delivered to him.

On Tuesday Jacqui and Walter returned to Bridgetown where they live, we delivered Vicki to the airport for her return flight to Adelaide and then quietly dispersed, I flew back to Brisbane the next day, and so another chapter was written in the book of Holt’s.

I almost forgot to show you my latest toy, Marcus found this
slightly bent about little John Wayne for me in a secondhand shop
in Geelong, a bit like the Duke in many of his best movies not
always in immaculate condition... just a few rough edges.

I am hoping to get around to visit with everyone over the weekend and start the week all caught up…. that’s the plan anyway, thanks for being patient.


Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Nice newsy post about all your travels around the country.
Sounds like Gympie is going ahead~at
least in the hotel department. Nice to catch up with Robyn, but she should have taken the sunnies off.
Guess it's good to be back home for a rest. Take care, Cheers, Merle.

Walker said...

I never knew how much trackers cost and that one is used so I can imagin a new one would be conciderably more.

They can really spring a fast food joint up really quickly can't they?
With all the advances in the construction industry with pre fabricated walls, cities are growing at an alarming rate.

One day you will go to the store for milk and there will be a 20 story appartment complex next to your house when you get back.

kenju said...

I'm snorting at the woman on the airplane! LOL

Raggedy said...

Hahaha at the airline babe...
Welcome Home!
I am glad you had a wonderful visit with family and friends. That is what life is about..:)
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) huggles
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

Jeanette said...

Hi Peter.Nice Pics I still like the old pub,
We have Macca's springing up here supposed to open early December in time for the holiday crowd..I must go take a photo of it ...

Puss-in-Boots said...

What a bloody awful photo! I look like a member of the Mob. Merle's right...I should have taken my sunglasses off.


wazza said...

Gidday Peter,

Who's Paula? You didn't mention her to me when you were here, altho' you did tell me about the young woman who tried to pick you up in Perth and gave you her phone number....hum I think all your bloggers may want to hear of this interesting story.

Jack K. said...

Glad to learn your trip was so much fun. Family times should be just that.

I look forward to your future postings.

Hale McKay said...

I like the banner picture, Peter. A right handsome bunch.

Re: the pictue. I guess you didn't fly the "Friendly Skies."

Carolyn said...

Sounds like you had a good time. If I had lots of land, I would love that Deere! Looks like a dandy to me.

I hope your Hungry Jack doesn't have that wierd "king" for a mascot/logo. Ugh! He gives me the creeps, lol!

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ OOPS! Nice tractors! ~ jb///

Cliff said...

I've never had a seat by that lady either. Usually it's someone who can equal me in size.
Yes those tractors are of interest. Also the 90K would be nice to have also.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'd much rather be sitting next to that lady with her boob falling out than to BE that lady with her boob falling out. I would die of embarrassment!!!

That new hotel turned restaurant looks nice.
You'll have to eat there and let us know if the food is YUMMY or not.

I'm glad you visited your blod buddy, Robyn.
How nice! Too bad you didn't stay for the wine tasting. Who knows?? Someone's boob may have fallen out when they got drunk on the wine. :-)

Nice piece of John Wayne memorabilia.

poopie said...

Poor girl! Looks like something I would do :) Nice tractor, though. Us farmer's daughters appreciate a good John Deere.

Rachel said...

I think you would have enjoyed it too much if that woman would have been sitting by you on the plane!!

That is a lot of money for a tractor, but it's really a beau!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

You're a good man, Peter Holtie (Hot-lie?). Speaking of patience,you are in a class by yourself.

Margaret said...

I like the new look of the hotel, I hated the other look with a passion it always looked like a dive before.
Glad you had a great time with your family.
Cheers Margaret

Joy Des Jardins said...

Sorry you weren't so fortunate to have that lady 'hang out' by you Peter....could have made your trip SOOOOOOOOO much more enjoyable, huh? Hey, I have that very same John Wayne statuette in our office....different coloring. My husband was a huge JW fan....I've seen a few of them around. Have a great week you crazy Aussie.....

Pamela said...

oh the airline babe did that on purpose. I know I would if I looked like that. just kidding.