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Thursday, December 06, 2007

A day in the life of a farmers wife

AH the joy of living in the "outback" or at least on the edge of the outback, that place
where you "take care of your own problems"

Let me set the scene for you, my daughter and son in-law live about 5miles out of the
small SA. town of Wudinna which is located about 800 kms west of Adelaide, about
all you need to know is that they are farmers in an area which offers them no services,
they need to be self sufficient when it comes to things that city folks take for granted
they will have provided for them.
Basic things like a water supply (they store collected rainwater in huge tanks) garbage
disposal (they have to organize their own) which brings us to the point of this post,
because there is a danger of fire in the Summer months Rex had just spent several
hours on the back-hoe digging the rubbish pit that you see here.
The pit is about 12 feet square and 8 feet deep, its purpose is to provide a safe burning
pit which over a few years will gradually fill with burnt household rubbish, the pit then
will either be emptied or more likely replaced by digging a new pit.

To illustrate better the size of this pit that is my favourite daughter Vicki in the pit.
Rewind about 1 week when Rex came in from finishing a day on the header at
9.30 pm (quite dark by then) as he pulled into the car port he thought he heard
someone calling out but dismissed the idea as they have no neighbors within 2
miles... must have been something on TV. he was about to go inside when once
more he heard what sounded like Vicki's voice.
Investigation soon found that it was indeed Vicki's voice shouting in a muffled
way, "Help, get me out of here Rex" yep, you guessed it she had taken some
rubbish out to the pit an hour or so earlier and tripped and fallen into it, because it
was such a new pit there was nothing to heap up and climb out on and because
Rex is a perfectionist in all he does the sides are very nearly perpendicular and
offered no footholds to climb out.
Fortunately Vicki was unhurt in this episode except for a few small cuts and
scratches, she could easily have broken an arm or leg and had serious
I spoke to Vicki for almost an hour last night and heard nothing of this episode,
about 5 minutes after I hung up the phone it rang and this time it was Rex
reporting the incident, after establishing that she hadn't been hurt, I asked
whether there were photos so I could blog the story, (Rex takes thousands of
photos so it was worth a try) he said there weren't any... but leave it with me.
Tonight these photos turned up, my brave little girl had reentered the scene of
her recent captivity so that Rex could take photos for the blog... thats dedication!


Jack K. said...

No doubt about it, Vicki is her father's daughter. They do have a wonderful relationship if she is willing to stage the scene.

Glad to know she wasn't hurt seriously.

Cliff said...

How nice of her to do all of that (fall in the pit to begin with) just to give you fresh blog material. What a nice dedicated daughter.
We had a similar sized fire pit dug but the man with the backhoe said he always ramps one side so 'animals' that fall in can walk up the ramp. I've come close to being one of those 'animals' but not quite.
Also, thanks for the Christmas poem below. Best wishes and Merry Christmas to you.

Big Dave T said...

From her body language, I'm gathering she wasn't all THAT eager to re-create the scene for ya. I echo the comments above here--you're lucky to have a such a daughter.

Willowtree said...

Wow, I guess you could say the Vicki was well and truly in the pit.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I'll never complain about my water bill again!

kenju said...

That's sooooo scary; I am glad she wasn't hurt. Somehow, the minute I saw the pic, I knew something like that had happened.

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Glad Vick wasn't hurt.
Cliff's idea of an escape ramp sounds good, maybe Rex would consider it.
Take care, Cheers, Merle.

Puss-in-Boots said...

The lengths some people go to to get photos...brave Vicki. I wouldn't do it.

I laughed at your "shocking" Santa picture in the previous post.

Now that's a pretty good poem to put in...thank you from this particular blogger!

Jeanette said...

Hi Peter, Pleased to hear Vicki is ok but that fall must have hurt her back by the look of the stance, I agree with the others put a ramp in at least so who ever can crawl out, or cut some steps or foot holes in to the side, for safety and hopefully never to be used.

Marcus said...

Nice one Sis!

Walker said...

I am happy she wasn't hurt more than she was or a critter in there to hurt her.
It must have been scary to be stuck down there without a way to get out.

Maybe a rope ladder or cut steps into the side just in case it happened again or a ramp like the others have said.

Have a nice weekend

JunieRose2005 said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so glad your daughter wasn't hurt in that fall!


Jamie Dawn said...

That's really funny, now that I know she wasn't hurt.
I'm sure she got VERY tired of being in that pit.
It sounds like they have to be tough and very resourceful to live where they do.

Pamela said...

we had a garbage pit when I was a kid.

I often wonder if the housing developer who purchased that property was shocked when they started building on that spot.

She was a trooper to hop down in there again!

Miss Cellania said...

I'm glad she is alright... that is totally hilarious that she would recreate that scene for you to blog!

audrey` said...

I'm so happy Vicki is fine =)
Please take care.