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Thursday, January 03, 2008

starting fresh in 2008

The Christmas New Year season is over for another year, I’m finding it a bit like the holiday that you really enjoy… but BOY its good to get home and settle back into whatever your comfort Zone is.

As we get toward the finish of 2008s first week, (thus far with no scars on my personal world) I am thankful for the family, friends (both personal and “Blog” kinds) The peace we enjoy within Australia, the beauty of nature that surrounds us, and the health that I’m blessed with.

Our major supermarkets have maintained their marketing genius by flooding their shelves with Easter “Hot Cross Buns” this week mixed in with the “sale specials” for Christmas wrapping paper and decorations, this marketing fiasco which began last October will finish at the end of March, after Easter.

The saga of the moving garage to accommodate the new Hungry Jacks (Burger King) store is nearing completion with HJ commencing to trade on Christmas Eve and the Garage re-opening early in the new year complete with their new office/amenities building and concrete driveway etc completed. Here is the original story.

Ready to re-open I reckon.

Hungry Jack's rear entry and car park where the Garage was located

To bring the building news up to date, the excavator returned and completed most of the work on the land next door to my house a few days prior to Christmas, they are obviously taking some vacation time now as the big ol’ Hitachi is resting peacefully at the rear of the block. Here is that story.

I finally got around to filling the third picture frame with photos of more blog buddies, the first two are here if you are interested.

This time the faces belong to;

Miss Cellania, Pamela

Jerry aka lz, Mike - Hale, Moi

Muzikdude, Natalie aka TLP

John Earle, Marti

Karen, Olive, Willowtree

Raggedy, Lucy

That feels better, all 2007 stuff tidied up here now I think.


Dave said...

Hmm.... wondering what it takes to get a picture in a frame in your house... *laughing out loud*

What a great project Peter!!! And a wonderful job!

Walker said...

Having them next to you could be a good thing if you have the munchies but wouldn;t it be a traffic head ack for you with cars going in and out all day.

Peter said...

I should distinguish between the "Garage" that was relocated so that BK could build (this was on the highway through town) and the "Service Station" which was demolished to make way for 3 Commercial buildings (this was located next door to my house).

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ I notice in your latest
photographs of blogger, Pamela is
reading a book called Chicken Soup.
Well one of my friends has had several stoires published in that
book and others. Her name is
Renis Burghardt.
Congrats on the new award. Take care,
Love, Merle.

Pamela said...

I am honored! in a frame!!!
Another blogging friend of mine has her story printed in there too.

Happy Jacks / Hungry Jacks is it really Burger King???

Do you have Jack in the Box???

Raggedy said...

What an honor!
I am framed!!!!