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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fun Monday; Jan. 28

Hosting this weeks Fun Monday is;
Angela aka aoj & the lurchers

Heres Da Rules.

So continuing in the spirit of "being interested in people", I would like to know, or see, what's on, in or under your bedside table! So open those draws and bare your soul to us! Is there anything special there that has a story or a memory that you can tell us about? Books that you keep there to delve into from time to time? Trinkets that you don't know where else to put? Let's see!

OK, buckle up for an incredibly exciting journey around my Boudoir,
oops sorry that word is used to describe a womans bedroom. Pardon my French!!

Atop the bedside cabinet sits a clock radio
complete with CD player. so I can drift off
to sleep to my favourite music.

In the very top drawer of my bedside cabinet
I store my priceless collection of handkerchiefs.

I did warn you that this would be an exciting ride!!

What have we here in the center drawer?

Oh yes, its the remnants of the medication
from when I had my eye operation last year.

Don't ask me why there is a calculator in
there... I haven't a clue!!

OK, there are a few instruction manuals
in the third drawer.... No, no, they are
for the electrical appliances only,
definitely no karma-sutra there!!

Atop the cabinet on the passenger side
sits another clock radio, this one has an
adapter for my iPod, this is now my
weapon of choice when I do battle with
the evil forces that keep me awake when
I want to sleep but lull me to sleep just
before the exciting part of a movie or a
news item in which I'm interested.

The top drawer over here holds all
the paraphernalia that Steve supplies
you with when you purchase one of
his wonderful iPods!!

Drawers two and three are empty,
as is the "passenger side" of the bed,
well, except when I'm restless, then
I tend to sprawl diagonally across the
bed... because I can!!

So here is the entertainment center of my home, well it should be anyway!!

Because I'm single .... And Old.... this has become the "Entertainment Center" of my
home... indeed my world... Ah well, everything here has an OFF switch!!!

Now go pester someone else for a while, there are lots of other Fun Monday
people out there who would love you to say hello, look through Angela's list!!

Footnote; for anyone who is interested the "Australian Tennis Open"
which is a Grand Slam event has just been won 3 sets to 1 by Serbian,
Novak Djohovic who defeated Frenchman, Jo-Wilfred Tsonga.


Walker said...

You're alot braver than me I wouldlet anyone see what's in my night table

The picture with the entertainment center in it is it the one with the stereo or the bed?

Thanks for the tour

kenju said...

Peter, it is nice to see your "entertainment" center - even if it is turned off. (Mine is too, usually). I have a table with no drawers beside my bed, but atop it sit a clock, a phone, tissues, a book, an RX, and an antique bread box holding foot creme, bandaids, and Vick's Salve. TMI??

Sauntering Soul said...

I'm single too, but you have more interesting stuff by your bed than I do....you didn't say anything about that naked lady figurine or the naked lady picture on your shelf. I have no nakedness on a shelf in my room. :-)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Thanks for the tour of your entertainment centre...you're a braver man than I, Gunga Dhin.

So Djokovic did win...the little I saw I thought Tsonga may have won. Still it would have been a good game, I was too tired to watch it.

Faye said...

Well, Aoj has started something. Fun Monday players are going to have a bad case of TMI before the end of the day. And you, Peter, have set the bar pretty high. I'm just curious as to why a guy need one full drawer of handkerchiefs? On this side of the pond men can get manly Kleenix packet designs.

Jamie Dawn said...

Thanks for the interesting tour.
Your bed looks comfy. A comfy bed is very important!
I know I'm late to say this but Happy Australia Day!!
I think your country is grand!!!!!
Some day I hope to visit there to see some of it firsthand.

swampy said...

You are a brave soul to bare what's in and around your bedside table. I'm impressed.
I'm so bummed that the Australian Open is over.
Loved every minute of it.
Love that country. Yes I do, mate.
A Belated Happy Australia Day.

Alison said...

Thanks for the tour of your entertainment center!! Those sure are alot of hankies!!!

mjd said...

Hey, Peter, you gave us a complete tour, drawers and all.

ellen b. said...

I'm known for having a hankie available all the time and generally they are the male variety. You seem to have things organized and under control...

Nekked Lizard Man said...

You are lucky to have one, I must keep all of my stuff in a box under the bed. Maybe someday I will get two boxes. nice tour.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that your entertainment centre isn't working for you :-)

Interesting that you are single and have two alarm clocks.....I see getting up is just as much an issue as going to sleep :-)

Gattina said...

Good to know that it isn't a battle field, lol ! You live in luxury having T W O bedside tables !

Joy T. said...

I have NO idea why I laughed out loud seeing that calculator but I did. Here's hoping your entertainment center gets turned on real soon!

Hootin' Anni said...

The "Duke"!!!!! [my hubby would LOVE that] I enjoyed the tour around your room Peter. Now wait, let me guess, the calculator, ummmmmmmmm, maybe it's to 'add up' the excitement we get on the 'journey around your boudoir'!!!!

Happy Fun Monday. I hope you can find time to drop by for a visit today.

Aoj & The Lurchers said...

That is all incredibly today Peter, I'm impressed!

kitten said...

Thanks for the tour. Very neat and cozy looking.

Rarus vir said...

Perhaps a soft pastel on the walls would help with those hard to sleep nights. I just moved our room around yesterday, my wife failed to hit snooze on the alarm and instead turned it off causing me to be late. So I am in charge of the alarm now. We have two drawers mainly filled with junk that makes it hard to find the condoms when the mood is right, and all those of you over 40 something know how fleeting those moods can be if you have to hunt through too much junk before you find them and actually put on one. So perhaps I should stop by Persillas one evening for those nights when the condom drawer beats me. I can just see it now, in the heat of sexual intamacy and I cant find the condom, I simply grab the vibe and toss it over to the Mrs. and say, have at it.

ellen b. said...

you had a question about armoire on my blog...
I think armoire's are used for different things in the U.S. in decorating, etc. Probably that term is used more than wardrobe, but an armoire generally doesn't have hanging space. A lot of people use the tops of their armoires to store a tv in. We use an armoire because it was my hubby's late mothers and we use what is available to us before we buy furniture :) Now that I've completely bored you I'm off to look at more bedside tables...

Miss Cellania said...

ellen b, an armoire originally was a gun cabinet. In the US, its often used in place of the word chifforobe, which is a little old-fashioned, but more correct. Since I have hardly any closets, we use chifforobes.

On one side of my bed, I have the coffeemaker stand, with supplies underneath. On the other side is a table with no drawers. I have a lamp, radio, alarm clock, picture of my husband, and a big mess of stuff the kids leave there. I dump it all in their rooms occasionally. Even though I'm single, there is nothing at all ineresting here!

Kaycie said...

I'd like to have all that space to myself!

I do wonder what you were adding up in bed . . .

Sandy said...

You have the very first empty drawers I have seen all day! Empty drawers? Don't you know you are supposed to fill them with all of the books you are gonna read someday?

Good post, Peter. Thanks.

Robinella said...

I was impressed you needed a calculator in the bedroom and then you said you didn't use it. Oh well. interesting stuff anyway and you didn't tell about the lady in profile in the photo.

ChrisB said...

I hesitate to ask about the picture above your bed!! OK I shouldn't be nosy!!

Tiggerlane said...

So neat - so tidy...so...are all Peters from Australia so impeccably neat?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for inviting us all into your bedroom. I notice how much storage space one has if you live alone.Hmmmmmmm.
Kathy b

Carrie Sue said...

Who's that cowboy on top of your TV? John Wayne? Just curious. Thanks for sharing, now I'll bother the next blog on the list. :o)

Beckie said...

You, are a funny guy. I like this post!

Linda said...

"passenger side" Haaaa haaaa haaa! I love that - gotta find a way to fit that into a conversation.... Great post - you crack me up!

janet said...

peter, you have EMPTY DRAWERS!!!!

oh my goodness. that is a luxury i haven't had in a long long time!!!!!

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ I hate to say it... but I loved the term the "PASSENGER SIDE OF THE BED!" CLASSIC! ~ jb///

Pamela said...

You gave me some giggles. Now I'm going to run and tell the hubby I just spent some time in another man's bedroom. (:

Rachel said...

Very nice tour Peter! You do have a big collection of handkerchiefs.
I wish I had an empty drawer! Mine are crammed full with all the stuff I think I "might" need!!

It all looks very comfy! Thanks for the tour!

Karina said...

Empty drawers? GASP! What a commodity that would be in my home!

susan said...

I don't believe I will ever have empty drawers in my house! I'm impressed.

lisa's chaos said...

I love how you call it the passenger side. :) AND you know how to properly use a lamp. :)