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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Adelaide to Wudinna

This is a photo of Marcus & Vicki standing at the front of her Citroen,
which she loves, not the least reason being that it gives a retun of
about 48 MPG through its very nippy diesel engine.

This is how her beloved Citroen looked when we arrived home from Adelaide.

For this post I need to do a little scene setting, in Feb of 2006 favourite daughter, Vicki visited second son, Marcus in WA, one of the outcomes of this visit was that Marcus set up a blog site for Vicki, the relevant blog URLs are listed below.

While Vicki had intended to use the site things conspired against her (this was when her health started to deteriorate) and she never got into the swing of blogging.



In her original profile for the blog site she made this insightful comment;

Married my darling Rex @ 19, Matthew born when 20, Daniel when 22 and last but by no means least, Stacey when 23. Lived @ Bryant's Plain via Wudinna for almost 30 years. This place is sometimes my haven from the world, at others close to hell on earth, with the DUST, FLIES and extreme heat.

Back to the present day and “hell on earth”…. After the current series of medical tests were done there was a time lag of 10 days before more were to be done so as the farm life is very busy at the moment we have all returned home to Wudinna (600 klm from Adelaide.) for a week.

Two days before Vicki & Rex left for Adelaide their son Daniel worked up a 200 acre paddock that adjoins their house, on the day they left there was a SUPER HEAVY wind storm that raised huge clouds of dust all over the state, this wind managed to deposit a coating of dust up to half an inch thick over EVERYTHING.

They have a very nice home which to all intents and purposes is weatherproof, it proves a scant barrier to the super fine dust particles that managed to invade the house and greet us when we arrived home at 9pm, I dared not take any photos inside the house but the one of Vicki’s car will indicate how much dust was about, the house is a little better sealed than the garage BTW.

Rex got out the leaf blower (they use it as a dust blower) to blast away the worst of the dust outside the house and from the garage, I took a couple of photos but all you can see is a dust cloud, then we went to bed and let the dust settle again before doing a proper clean up this morning.

Had to do some shopping then as they have two days of shearing on Wed & Thur, Vicki cooks for the team of shearers and shed hands, approx 7 of us, and this is made more complicated by the fact that morning and afternoon smoko is at the shearing shed on what we will call Property A Lunch is served on Property B which is a couple of miles from Property A which in turn is about 10 miles from Property C… that’s the home property BTW.

To complicate this situation just a little more the house at Property B is in the midst of a major renovation program, new roof, Plumbing and electrical wiring AND a new kitchen, said new kitchen is lying on the floor in a flat pack at present so the cooking has to be done at Property C and transported to Properties A and B.

This is a repeat of the shearing they undertook a little over a week ago and as Vicki says, “we got through it then so we will again” does anyone still wonder why this is my favourite daughter????

On the health front no news expected until late next week as the tests will take that long to be completed and evaluated, just Vicki and I will return to Adelaide next week so between now and then my only job is to make her life as simple as I can…. Not Very Simple!!!!


Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Glad you have arrived safely at Wudinna and survived the dust. It was really bad in Melbourne too, and our sky was brown from dust
Some folks had no power for 5 days.
Vick is having a long wait for the tests and the waiting is hard. Don't
get lost with all those properties!!
Sounds complicated to me.
Love to you all, Merle.

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Oh Peter, you are such a good dad. I'm sure they both appreciate you being there for them at this time.
Too bad about the dust ... it was a wicked storm, we drove through it when travelling from Mildura through the Mallee, to Horsham !!
Take care, hugs to you all ... Connie

karisma said...

My first thought here was "What and you didnt write your name on it?" But my god, I don't think I could live somewhere that dusty! I thought it was bad here!

Thanks for keeping us posted. Vicki is looking really well considering all her worries. She is so brave, you must be so so proud of her! I love the picture below of you two together, its really lovely! I have not forgotten to keep sending my thoughts and hugs everyday. Take care.

ChrisB said...

I though my dust was bad enough but I wouldn't want to cope with this!

All that toing and froing sound way too complicated for me. Hats off to both you and Vikki~ though I guess it might help the waiting to be busy! :)

Dave said...

What is an "afternoon smoko"?

I'm glad she's keeping her spirits up, but I'm sure it has to do with all the love her family gives her.

Keeping her in my prayers bud.

Laurie said...

At least the work and dust are providing a little brain and body work for you to provide a distraction to keep you going. Sometimes when things are going horribly for me, God has a way of getting me up off my @$$ with his little projects.

Cliff said...

Wow, some wicked wind storm. I'm hoping any news will be good for you and the family.

Jack K. said...

If anyone can help ease the complications, it is you.

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ This sort of reminds me of pictures I've seen of the Midwest USA in the dust-bowl days of the 1930's here in the states. We'll all be hoping and praying for good results from Vicki next week! Cheers mate! ~ jb///

Marcus said...

Simple as ABC, Absolutely Bloody Confusing!

I agree, that window is beeging for a "Kilroy was here"!

Good to know you're there Pop.
Take care Sis.
I love you.


Marcus said...

Beeging of course is not practised very often these days!

kenju said...

Peter, I know that just having you with her is a great comfort. Glad you arrived safely.

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone for your continued care, concern and lovely comments.
Yes, having Dad here is a GREAT comfort and keeping busy with the cleaning, shearing and to-ing and fro-ing is a good diversion at this difficult time.
We're all hanging in there quite well and just keen to get the next lot of tests and results completed, before my ankles blow up so much that I can't walk!!
The dust has settled (for now) but the process of cleaning continues...
Take care, and we'll keep you "posted"
Much Love

Cliff said...

Family is everything. Eh Vicki?
Your Dad is a good one.

Jeanette said...

Hi Peter,Im sure
Vicki and Rex will be pleased to have extra hand at the farm while waiting on the test results.Im lost with all that abc tooing and froing..I need a map.
We had a heavy dust storm here,but my car didnt look anything like Vicki's.Stay strong, You are all deep in my thoughts,Love Jan

Pamela said...

You can write your shopping list on the car and head to the super mart. That way you won't leave it sitting on the table at home.

With such a Positive attitude -- Vicki already has a fine chance of beating this.

Walker said...

Being there is probably the best thing for all of you.
Family is the cure spirit behind most of us.

That's alot of dust.
Wouldn't some trees as a windbreak help with that.
farmers are a tough lot and can take what mother nature throws at them and bounce back with a smile and skip in their step.

Jamie Dawn said...

All that dust - what a mess!!
That's a great idea to use the leaf blower as a dust blower.
You are all hanging in there and plugging along during this very trying time. I'm sure it is terribly, emotionally draining. I'm so glad you all have each other to lean on and encourage as these weeks go by.

Joy Des Jardins said...

What a mess for all of you to clean up. I can't belive that was waiting to greet you when you got there. Vicki is so blessed to have you with her Peter....and so very blessed to have you as her dad. Good luck with the remaining tests and the time waiting for the results....thinking of all of you....

Urban Accent said...

Those dust storms are hell to clean up. Just when you think you have everything clean another gust of wind stirs it all up again. At least your kitchen was a flat pack (meaning it can be done at any time).