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Thursday, April 10, 2008

You left your wallet where?

Hi all, we are still in filler mode here until returning to Adelaide on Sunday so that Vicki can have more tests next week, so what’s been happening??

The current batch of shearing finished on time today, there are still 1000 unshorn but these don’t get shorn until September, tomorrow’s task is to drench, inoculate and tail 500 lambs.

I’ve been putting off a confession about this trip, it bears a striking resemblance to the one referred to in the link below, I left Gympie last Sunday morning with plenty of time to drop my car of at Warren’s and have him drop me at the airport…. BUT…. There’s that word again, when I got about 150 klm from home I suddenly discovered that I didn’t have my wallet or mobile phone with me, sounding familiar??


I didn’t have time to return home for them so pressed on and rang a friend in Gympie and asked her to post them on to me at Vicki’s, they had access to a key and were only to pleased to do this, thank you Ken & Jackie, there have been many suggestions as to how I could avoid this happening but then I wouldn’t have anything to blog about.

My burst of honesty was brought about by the fact that I took some photos to use on this blog and then somehow lost them to the mystery that is Windows Photo Gallery in Vista, I’ll find some in Rex’s files and post them later.


Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ I can't believe you did it again. Britney has nothing on you.
Oops, I did it again. I would have thought your plane ticket would be in your wallet, but obviously it wasn't.
Connie, aka Meow sent her love to you and Vicki. I have left an award for you on last night's post. Ewe Rock seems appropriate for the sheep work.
Take care, Love to Vick, Rex and yourself. Merle.

Walker said...

This is why I leaave my wallet at home and don;t have a cell phone.
I rather be broke and out of touch than worried where the hell i left them LOL

Its nice to have friends you could call on to help you.
If you ever forget your wallet in Canada, just give me a ring.

Jamie Dawn said...

Well, at least you didn't drop your cell phone in the toilet like my hubby did.
It's good that your friends were able to mail you your phone and wallet. A man has GOT to have his wallet!

CAROLYN said...

A do over?

Maybe you should chain your wallet to your belt buckle, lol!

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ A BURST of honesty? Are you sure that someone else isn't posting these on your behalf? LOL!~ My prayers are still with Vicki and of course your whole family! ~ Cheers mate! ~jb///

Suzz said...

Well, Peter, it's nice to know there are other people in the world who forget stuff, too. Over the years, I've left stuff from coast to coast. Best to you and Vikie and the rest of the clan.

kenju said...

I can't believe you did it again either, Peter! LOL

karisma said...

Oh No, I remember reading about that before! Maybe you should attach them to your person in future! Or to your car keys LOL My girlfriend put her car keys on top of some cheese in my fridge last week so she would not forget to take it home! My whole family one by one brought them out asking why on earth they were in there! She did remember her cheese though!

Cliff said...

Oh man I hate trips that start like that.
Did you get one of the shearers to give you a quick free haircut?
Prayers and best wishes to all.

Jeanette said...

Oh Peter Not Again.I hope your wallet and phone arrived intact in S.A.Next time make a note of what u must pick up at last minute and pin it to the door so you wont leave anything behind.. I do LOL,.. Take great care , Vicki and family continually in my thoughts... LOVe to all Janxxx

Marcus said...

This pattern of behaviour is clearly a strategy!
Just so long as you keep protecting the inheritance Pop it'll be OK!!

Hi Sis
Much Love

Anonymous said...

Hi dad just reading blog and want to let you know iam thinking about about you and Vicki and hope everything works out ok i know vicki and i have history but i scincerly hope everything works out ok and i will try to keep in touch better Bruce

Pamela said...

Here is a post idea: a contest to see who can come up with the most unique idea to keep you from repeating same in the future.

Dave said...

At least you're consistent! *LOL*

Glad everything turned out ok though...

Faye said...

Hi Peter!
Just checking in to say that I miss your outrageously funny Fun Monday blog posts and hope Vicki--and you--are holding up as you deal with this long wait for her. I read your update below and it seems like you're doing the wisest thing possible now--keeping on keeping on. Sending you every good wish.