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Sunday, May 04, 2008

More about farm life at Wudinna

Follow up on Fosters Farm.

This is Rex and Vicki much as they are today (perhaps Vicki isn't quite as well?).

This is what they looked like 30 years ago, a few changes to the farming plant too !!!
the old Massey Ferguson Combine Harvester was fully air conditioned (by virtue of the
fact that you sat outside with a beach umbrella for shade and a dust mask to allow you
to breathe through the dust), I think the old Ford truck was a 50s vintage.

Certainly a huge step forward to today's air-conditioned soundproofed cabin on
both Header and Tractor.
Filling the chaser bin on the move saves the header from even having to stop so
production is kept to its maximum, there is a bit over 10 tons of grain per transfer.

This was the boss truck until recently, it now bears the slightly insulting title
of "the little truck" BTW its load of wheat is still about 13 tons.

This is Big Brother who in his current form can carry about 22 tons and in his
final form will become a "Road Train" with another similar trailer on behind
the existing one, load then about 45 tons.

The reason for the bigger truck is to cut back on "on farm grain storage" during
harvest, as this leads to much more handling of grain when the busy times demand
that it be got out of the paddock but cartage to grain terminals is not practical
in small loads.
The storage shed has about 450 tons of grain in it in this photo and can sometimes
have more than that, total capacity 1000+ tons.

This is the little wheat seed heads that start the whole process off.

Click photo to enbiggen
Another interesting fact about Rex Foster; at age 51 he still plays Australian Rules Football
for Wudinna United Football Club, and he is a long way from being their worst player too.
Rex is Number 23 right in the centre of the this photo.


kenju said...

WOW - he's 51? That football must keep him very fit, either that or the farming. Lovely photo of he and Vicki.

Walker said...

He is in alot better shape than I am.
I only run to the door to check the mail LOL

Farming has really changed over the years.

Jack K. said...

Great photos. Should you ever have the opportunity to travel to the US, make it a point to visit Kansas. We have lots of wheat farms here.

Glad to know all are doing well down your way.

Pamela said...

he must be like my husband.
60 years old -- and planning to ride his bike on a one day 206 mile ride in July.

He thinks nothing of getting on his bike and riding 40 miles before breakfast. Honest.

We have wheat and barley in the area. I enjoy watching 5 or 6 combines roll side by side over the hill with the trucks moving back and forth. (Unfortunately we have quite a bit of hills -- and occasionally one of those things topple over. Usually with fatal results.)

Jeanette said...

Hi Peter, Great Photo's, Gosh were does rex find the time to play Aussie rules and run the farm, hope he doesnt tire himself out with all that activity.
Hope Vicki slows down a little to give her meds time to kick in..
Love to all Jan.
Btw, Hope you can pop over to my blog and share in my news....

LZ Blogger said...

POeter ~ Great picture of Rex & Vicki! Thanks for the post and I hope that your comment "I believe you can disregard the stories of the zoo being sold, Terri has stated that she and her family are permanent residents of Australia, and both she and Bob Irwin have denied any conflict between them so its to be hoped the Zoo will remain in the family." actually turns out to be accurate. I would hate to see it leave the family! ~ jb///

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ Two things... sorry for the typo on your name on my prior post, but I also forgot to mention what is a "Pup Dog?" Is that what we call "Hot Dogs?" or "Corn Dogs?" or something else? I don't remember that particular one, but I like it! ~ jb///

Dave said...

Ok, I'll play stupid American here..

What's the difference between "Australian Rules Football" and Rugby? (or is it closer to soccer?)