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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vicki's progress.

Time for an up-date on Vicki's progress for all who are interested and especially for those
who have been kind enough to inquire;
While we are by no means out of the woods yet, there has been a very encouraging improvement
over the last week or so, more regular and longer periods of reduced pain which has of course
led to a brightening of her outlook.
There has been a new member added to her medical support system, this comes in the form of a
new Doctor based in Wuddina (the town has been without a resident Doctor for 6/8 months)
as a bonus this GP has a special area of interest... Pain Management.... there must be a God!!!
To date Vicki has only seen him once but has another appointment to assess the results of
his medication and to do some blood tests as a follow up.
Meanwhile life goes on at its normal pace here (read HECTIC) but the end to seeding is in sight,
in fact tomorrow night or Friday morning should see the finish of it, then we can add some
follow up rain to our list of prayers and settle back into a quieter mode.

The last paddock to be seeded had 1000 sheep and about 800 lambs grazing it down,
yesterday was D for departure day for them, so we all gathered and shifted them
across 3 paddocks to their new home for the time being.
This was complicated by the fact that they were in an 800 acre paddock which has
about 8 areas of "scrub" in it, (one is visible on the left of this photo) and the
sheep would make regular attempts to get into the shelter of the scrub, (these are
1 to 7/8 acre areas and sheep can magically disappear from sight in seconds).
The estimate is that we left 4 ewes and 5 lambs behind that will have to be
rounded up today but considering the terrain that is a very good result.

Like most stories there is good news and bad news, Rex came across these twin
lambs and their dead mother while the roundup was on, so the orphans are now at
home being bottle fed every 4/5 hours, there is a boy and a girl so Rex has named
them Minnie and Skinny as the boy is a bit skinnier than the girl.

Meanwhile Vicki's dog Tim is not at all sure what to made of these new-comers,
specially as they are getting so much attention, they do appear to have come to
a satisfactory living arrangement despite Tim's jealousy, time will tell now
whether they survive or not, some do and some don't.


WT said...

Holy crap!! You guys grow sheep from seed!?! Things sure are different in SA!

That's good news about Vicki, specially the part about getting a doctor up there, we've only got one between three towns, and that's a pain.

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Glad to hear of even the slightest improvement in Vicki's
condition. I hoped you have had a good day. LOve, Merle.

Renie Burghardt said...

Dear Peter,

Good news on Vicki! The lambs are so cute, and I do hope they all survive.

A nice sister bird told me it was your birthday. Happy Birthday! May all your birthday wishes come true!



Dave said...

Glad to hear the good news about Vicki... and hey, Happy Belated Birthday Peter!

That's a LOT of sheep!!! Wow... great pictures. I hope the twins do well.

Jeanette said...

Hi Peter,Great News! Pleased to hear of Vicki"s improvement.. Sorry had your birthday on the wrong date..very Happy birthday wishes for the 28th...Hope you didnt over do it and had a great day....

Jack K. said...

Great news about Vicki. When you need it, it will be there for you. But, only if you are a kind and loving person. You know what that says about Vicki? Of course you already knew that. How could she be anything but kind and loving? Look at her dad.

I always knew I wasn't cut out to be a farmer/rancher. That's too much like work for me.

Gattina said...

These are very good news and having a good docter there is also reassuring. Even with my flowering phantasy I can hardly imagine a place with 1000 sheeps grazing and 800 lambs !! I would be happy to have one sheep to cut the grass in my garden, for more there would be nos space, lol !
The little lambs are so cute !

Marcus said...

Happy Birthday Pop

Love Marcus, Carolyn, Zac (who turns 21 tomorrow) Sophie, Jordan and Paul.

Junebug said...

WT's comment is funny as usual. :D Thanks for the update. Will continue to pray for full recovery. That doggie Tim looks a whole lot like a lamb himself. I thought at first he was the mother. Hee hee.

kenju said...

Thanks for the update, Peter. I have been thinking about you and Vicki. It sounds as things are looking up and we are happy for that.

Rachel said...

Wow, that is a LOT of sheep!! Oh those poor orphans...I hope they make it.

So glad to hear that there has been an improvement with Vicki. This is great news!

Happy Birthday to you..belated I guess, but I hope it was a good one!

Walker said...

I see how you ferilize the land now lol
1800 sheep will do that and eat all the weeds for your along the way.
With all the seeding done i guess there will be some well needed rest for those busting their butts to get it done

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ Thanks for the status on Vicki! At least it sounds a little better? Oh that Tim... what a DOG! ~ jb///

Gette said...

Yay! Lambs! I have very fond memories of bottle feeding lambs when I was little at my dad's cousin's farm.
ANd Happy Birthday!

Laurie said...

Wonderful news and I LOVED the pictures in the previous post!

karisma said...

Glad to see things are improving! And many happy returns. Those lambs are adorable, love the names! Hugs all round!

Joy Des Jardins said...

Thanks for the update on Vicki Peter....any improvement is a positive. Those little lambs are so cute. Thinking of you all....