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Monday, August 04, 2008

He's Busting things up again!!

Some of my more popular posts have been about the misfortunes that have befallen me when I have
endeavored to "fix" something around my home, this is just another example of how I always seem
to make a simple task into a (usually painful) exercise of frustration.

It all started when my trusty ride-on mower developed excessively heavy steering, my ever alert
brain analyzed the problem and aided by the sight of a front tyre running completely flat deduced
that this was the cause of said heavy steering.
No problem thinks I, (do you already sense that this story is not going to end well?) I'll raise the
mower.. put some blocks under it.. remove the wheel.. fix the problem.. and replace the wheel..
Too easy.... bloody hell where can I put a jack under this thing?? OK I only want one wheel off the
ground... I'll lift it up myself.. AH here's a nice comfortable spot to lift from... Bloody Hell this
thing is really HEAVY...
OK just put your back into it and LIFT..... OOPPS that snapping noise sounded kind of expensive,
There's that analytical mind at work again, who ever would have thought that a great company
like John Deere would have made that front section out of plastic??

It may not be easily seen that the section below the bonnet (hood) is broken in the four places
that it bolts to the chassis, but you can take my word for it.... IT IS, John Deere, who by the way
have slipped down a rung or two in my estimation of their engineering excellence, refer to this
broken piece as the bumper bar.... What the hell are you gonna "bump" with a lump of plastic??

A trip to the local John Deere dealership brought forth the somewhat surprising fact that they
had in stock a replacement part this and the statement that it wasn't such an unusual request
that I had made, this part gets broken quite often!!!!!
It was when I told them my story about how I had broken mine that the fact that they usually
get broken in a collision with a tree or a fence post rather than torn off with bare hands came
to light.

It was when I went to pay for the new part that my admiration for John Deere was restored,
without a single blush they chared me $68.40 for my replacement plastic bumper bar, for a part
that in their own words, breaks pretty often, that's a nice little earner and shows that the US
spirit of free???? enterprise is still working.
The parting words I heard were.... "Better not have any weet-bix for breakfast tomorrow."

To some overseas readers that reference to "Weet-Bix" might not make much sense
but in my country "Weet-Bix" is recognized as the breakfast food of champions and
many of our sporting legends are judged on how many "Weet-Bix" they do for breckie.
The great "Thorpedo" Ian Thorpe claimed that he did 14 every morning.... no wonder
he was a great swimmer.... its all about floatation!!!!

Now I know there will be some dismay that I have only told the tale of breaking my
mower... not fixing it.... there are 4 bolts to bolt it back to the chassis and 2 more
which attach the bonnet (hood) to it... even I can fit 6 bolts.... if not... there will be
a follow up post, but don't hold your breath!!!!!!

I am taking this opportunity to say farewell to the many friends that I have made
around the world by the medium of this wonderful thing we call blogging, it is with
a heavy heart that I say this, I have enjoyed the wonderful friendship that has come
to me from everywhere I look, but sadly maintaining "HoltiesHouse" has become
something of a burden rather than the joy it was when I started to blog in 2005.
Just a few stats to finish off with this is the 775th post since I began on April 4
(nearly became an April fools day thing) 2005.
Unbelievably there have been just slightly less than 9000 occasions when one of
you have taken the time and trouble to make a comment on something I've written.
A quick glance at my sidebar blogroll will show that I am not alone in my decision
to quit blogging.... At least for now, who knows what might happen in the future?
there are many names there that have been a part of my life for most of the 3
years who are also posting far less often than in the past, so perhaps for some of us
blogging has a finite life time?

Please feel free to use my email address should you wish to stay in contact, or just
to say G'Day and if ever you are in my neighborhood please call and say G'Day in

To my newest group of friends, "The Fun Monday Gang" thanks for the memories
and if someone wants to take over the "Fun Monday Registry" I will gladly forward
all the names and details to you.

Perhaps for the last time from the throne room.


WT said...

This is sad news indeed Peter, but not entirely unexpected. I understand fully how you feel, as I've done very little blogging myself lately, and when I have it's been a chore rather than a pleasure. My only problem now is what you have just done, and that is to publicly announce my retirement from blogging.

PS. My Husky is 100% metal! (except for the seat and dashboard of course).

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Sorry about your mower and hope you get it fixed. Ever thought of taking it to a Mower Repair shop?
The other news is not so surprising
as you were posting less and less,
but sorry to see you go. I am amazed that I have posted 756 times according to blogger, By me it's 255 Herons Nest and 490 on Third Trywhich is 745. And it was 8 months after you that I started. I am still enjoying it and the terrific friends I have made.
Did you reply to the guy who wanted to know about Law of the Land?
Take care, Maybe, come and visit
when it's a bit warmer. Love,Merle.

Dave said...

Oh wow Peter... I was so uplifted about your story with the John Deere (that kind of thing happens to me ALL the time!).. then to come to the part where you're going to give up your blog... well, it's just sad to me. I've read you for quite some time now, and have spoken to you in email too and considered you a good friend here.

Best wishes, and I hope that after a week, you change your mind.. but whatever you choose, stay well and stop by and visit me.

Best Regards,

kenju said...

Peter, I am very sorry to hear it. I always enjoyed your stories and your photos; I've always wanted to visit Australia, but vicariously through your blog is about the only way I'll ever see it.

I hope you change your mind and come back.

Marcus said...

No comment!

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ Sometimes Mrs' LZ thinks I could use that compooper chair! ~ jb///

ChrisB said...

Peter I really only got to read your more recent posts through Fun Monday and I'm always sad to see a friend retire so to speak. However, it's got to be fun and not a chore so I wish you well :)

Pamela said...

Hello? I hit something wrong and lost my whole comment.

First, I ate ruskets when I was little. They look just like your breakfast cereal.

Second -- I hope you won't retire permanently. I have been unable to remove my friends from Bloglines and/or my friends from my side bar.

I have curtailed my blogging as I have so many other things going on. But I am sure I will have moments that excitement will return.


Jacqui said...

Now I don't feel so guilty about not blogging, not that I stayed the distance anywgere near as long as you, I really enjoyed it to start with, and often get the urge to post something, but there always seems to be something else to do.

I'll really miss not seeing what you have been doing. By the way you never mentioned how you eventually got the wheel off.

best wishes, jacqui

Faye said...

Well damn! I was going to commiserate over your mower problems because I too am missing a wheel--it's impossible to use a three wheeler mower. And then we get to the end of your post. . .

I'll miss the Fun Monday messages from Down Under. Actually you hosted the first Fun Monday I participated in and were so helpful in getting me in this great community of bloggers.

All the best to you and your Peter. And I hope this is just a sabbatical and not a permanent retirement.

Walker said...

This just blind sided me.
I am sorry you have come to this desision but I understand.
If its not in yoru heart to blog its hard to force yourself to do it.
Who knows, maybe you can do a couple of Holties House Specials a couple times a year.
Take care my friend

Jeanette said...

Gday Peter, Hope you got that mower up and running again with 4 wheels and no left over parts..

You cant leave us after talking a few of us into happy blogging.im sure you can find a little pleasure and time to do a little something either weekly or fortnightly..Enjoy your Break if it must be and see you when you next travel south...take great care... Janxxxxx

Marti said...

Oh my goodness - I will miss you so! Here I finally made it over and find out you are leaving! I hope you will still stop by and say hello from time to time.

Sorry for not being around much, my husband had a stroke and I’ve been busy taking care of him. Please take care of yourself and maybe consider an update every now and then so we can know how things are with you!

You have been a wonderful friend - God bless you in all your endeavors.

Marti said...

By the way, here is a story about a fella who got so frustrated with his lawnmower he shot it with a gun!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Well, golly whiz....I'll miss you, Peter. Nicely done while you were doing it.

Cand I have your blogroll?

Puss-in-Boots said...

I know what you mean by blogging becoming a chore, Peter. I found that a while back and had a bit of a break as a few people do every so often. Hopefully, it's just a temporary thing.

I hope you eventually got your lawnmower fixed.

Keep in touch.

Hugs, Me.

karisma said...

Well I was going to say you eat too much meat (did not even think of Weetbix duh) Mr Muscles! Lucky it was not your back that you broke there!

Sad to see you go but understand completely I have not been blogging as long as the rest of you but still sometimes am lost for a post! I will miss you! Take care of yourself! While I may not see you or hear about you anymore I still keep Vicki and yourself in my healing network!

Peace and Happiness to you and your family!

Junebug said...

Leaving? And on my Birthday? I can understand though. Hope you drop in every once in awhile. I will keep your blog on my google reader and check. You will be missed. Please update us sometimes, ok?

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ Cheers! I just wanted to leave you an "uncommon" serious note here too. You know that I am going to miss your "always" witty comments on my posts. I think you were one of the first posters I ever had on my blog. And, even though I was never as prolific (let alone humorous) as you, I have always enjoyed our friendly banter! I for one will miss that! ~ My best to you buddy! As you guys down-under always say... "No Worries Mate!" ~ Jerry

Hale McKay said...

I am reminded of the story of the little boy when he learned of the Chicago White Sox "throwing" the World Series, when he said to Shoeless Joe Jackson, "Say it ain't so, Joe."

Say it ain't so, Peter.

I trace my blogging roots also back to 2005 and you have been a favorite read and a favorite visitor. YOU will be sorely missed, old friend.

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Hi Peter, hope you get that mower sorted out !!
It's sad that you have decided to quit blogging (although hopefully not for ever), but I fully understand where you are coming from. My blogging seems to have come to a halt these days, and it is really difficult to find the time to do it. I will continue to try for the time being ... hopefully the energy and enthusiasm will return ... as I hope yours will too one day.
In the mean time, you will be hugely missed.
Take care, friend ... and please keep in touch.
Hugs, Connie xx