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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Overnight Visitors

I've held this view for a while now!!

I had the pleasure of some overnight guests recently, my cousin David and his wife Val called in on their way “up north” to find some warmer weather, they live in Melbourne and being in the retired ranks join the migration most winters to Queensland’s warmer climate.

We dined at a newly opened restaurant which is housed in a very nicely renovated old hotel, the surroundings, the company and the meals were all very good.

David and Val were the first guests since I bought my new “two seater” so I insisted that they use it and even reclined them slightly for the benefit of all those that asked if the seats were recliners.

They didn’t spend the night in them, although both suggested that would have been quite comfortable, they didn’t spend the night in my guest bedroom either, they brought their own accommodation with them, a very nicely fitted out Mercedes Motorhome… very luxurious!!!

Here are my guests lounging back in the Oh so comfortable two seater

And this is their Mercedes Motorhome parked comfortably in my front yard.


Walker said...

Those chairs do look very confortable.
Don't sit in them you may never get out again.
Its fun getting visitors you don't see all the time.
That's a nice wat to travel to with the bonus of living in a country with multiple climate you could move to to meet your needs.

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Nice to see David and Valda trying out those recliners.
They get around those two, recently
returned from overseas.Their 11th trip as no doubt they told you. They are very definite that this is the best country in the world-no doubt.
Their motor home is really nice isn't it. It has called here a few times.
Take care, Love, Merle.

Joy Des Jardins said...

That's a pretty nice motor home all right, but those recliners still look awfully comfortable to me Peter. I'm sure they appreciated your hospitality.

kenju said...

We have recliners, but yours looks so comfy!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hello Peter...good to see you post a real post (huh?).

I know what you mean about comfortable recliners...I have them, too. In fact I had a snooze in one earlier.

I really like the look of that motor home...

Dave said...

Now there's a first for me... a Mercedes Motorhome!!!

Gattina said...

I just imagine to have my visitors camping in front of my house, lol ! that would be impossible there is not so much room in the street ! I think that would have been the attraction of the city !

Anonymous said...

Hi Dad, nice to see the new bits and pieces around the house, looks like time for a garage sale of the excess that is starting to clutter up the place!
Shocker of a day yesterday, and another forecast for tomorrow, but rain is just keeping our spirits up at present, could still do with that soaking inch or two though!!
Been "burning" through the stumps at a rapid rate - looks like it's been extra cold up there too from the TV reports.
2 footy games left for the old crock, then who knows, we might even get a trip somewhere...
Still struggling with the pain and exhaustion levels if I try to do anything beyond the absolute basics but we're getting by.
Sweetpea & Shmucko are doing very well, very cheeky and naughty and growing well.
The bad weather days mean a bit of progress at Warana, otherwise they're spraying and working with sheep - few hundred more to go any time now, while the price is still reasonable.
Take care, Much Love, Vicki oxoxox

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ G'day mate. It looks like a FUN time for the three of you! CHEERS! ~ jb///

Suzz said...

Hi, Peter, your posts are always interesting -- and educational, too. I had no idea there was a such a thing as a Mercedes motorhome. Now that's how I want to travel! Hope you are having fun.

Jeanette said...

Gday Peter,Dave and Val sure look comfy in recliners, Those Motor homes are great all the comforts of home.Oh how I would love to be on the open road again..
Take care/.

karisma said...

It's always nice when visitors pop in! Especially when they bring their own accommodation! LOL! Just kidding, our house is always full of extra's! Im loving that Mercedes for myself though! I would not mind hitting the road for a while!

Jack K. said...

It is wonderful to have dear friends visit. It must be even nicer when they bring their sleeping accommodations. That should save wear and tear on the washing machine.

Pamela said...

I could sleep in that recliner!
I could sleep in that motorhome, too.

Do you think y'all would kick me out?